48 thoughts on “Dam

    • Normally the Conservancy District take out the beaver dams, but I think the fire marshal finally talked them into leaving the dams because the fire department needs the water high enough to use it to put out bosque fires. Thanks, Nancy.

  1. A nicely done beaver dam.

    Does the new water agreement between Colorado, NM and Texas ensure flowing water in the Rio Grande? Texas was prepared to sue NM for taking all the water, and sue Colorado for not having enough snow. The suit on snowfall, I kid you not.

    • Several years ago there was an agreement between NM, Texas and Mexico for NM to keep water flowing in the Rio Grande. The conservancy district had dire news for us irrigators in the spring that we would not have much irrigation water due to drought and the water deficit NM had with Texas. I think something might have changed besides getting slightly above average rainfall through the summer because after few irrigation opportunities in the spring, we got water every three weeks starting around mid-June and I got to ittigte the last week of October before they shut down the acequias for the winter. Last year, the last irrigation water we got was in the middle of August, because the conservancy had used up the water allotment for the season. Texans don’t quite get it.

  2. Really like that second shot – all those lines had me traveling all over that image and eventually landed on the letters in the bottom left. Do they mean something?

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