50 thoughts on “A Frost Lining

  1. I do love the effects of frost. This morning, I felt it in my car! I was pretty glad to have a bum warmer, tell you what. Frosted windshield, to boot.
    Beautiful image.

    • That would be a bummer to not have a bum warmer. I hate scraping frost. A lot of the time it’s to dry for frost to form, which is nice for not scraping windshields, but bad for getting dry cracked skin.

      • It would! Even though I can’t keep it on long 😉 I hate scraping frost and I am hoping the remodel comes to an end soon because I want my garage back for my car!

      • Tell you what.. I’ve been parking in my garage for three years now and no way in hell would I do without anymore!

  2. We are in the midst of our last warming period before the cold takes hold later in the week (70+ today) Body is not ready yet for a return of the IL cold, that’s for sure.

    • That’s a baby cottonwood that came up this year. It’s a volunteer like your tee. Thanks, Lavinia.

  3. Love the contrasts in the photo: sun and ice,warm and cold, light and dark, no snow and shovelling snow. Might be reading too much in that last one.

    • BTW We can have short growing seasons on our property because we can get hard frosts as late as the end of May and as early as the end of September. Our 5-on-1 plum tree has produced fruit one year since we planted it in 2000. It blooms too early and gets frosted every year, except in 2018. We had tons of fruit on all our trees in 2018 because we didn’t get lat frosts that year. This year we got apples, but the plums, peaches, nectarine, cherry and pear blossoms got zapped by late frost.

      • What a shame!! Yes the frosts here too can be brutal especially if you plant annuals too early. Springs are tricky. Don’t loose faith on that plum tree …. someday She just may surprise you. I do know how disappointing it is however, when you wake up and OH NO! frost is evident. I would love to plant fruit trees but we’ve just “plum” run out of room. I’d like to get a community movement here going because some of my neighbors do have room to plant fruit trees and actually have vegetable gardens as well. We’ll see.

    • Often we have hard frost much earlier and cottonwoods turn brown with little yellowing. We had a pretty gradual change this year, so the yellow has lingered. Thanks, Maj & Sher

  4. The contrast of this photo is incredible! I love how much the yellow pops against the background. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photo with us! 😊

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