Bloody Beaver Moon Through The Clouds

Eclipse progress at 1:54 am.

Eclipse at 3:09 am.

Bloody Beaver Moon at 3:40 am.

I could not see the full Eclipse through the clouds at 3:59 am.

On the other side of the eclipse at 5:10 am.

Close to where we started at 5:34 am:

6:01 am. That’s all folks.

54 thoughts on “Bloody Beaver Moon Through The Clouds

    • You are welcome Maj & Sher. For as many times as we have clear nights, lunar eclipses seem to call for clouds.

    • You’re welcome, Bruce. Like I told Cindy, it was a fairly normal night of the cats waking me up. I just made the extra effort to go out and get a few shots each time I woke up.

    • I got 6.5 hours of sleep. Not too bad. The amazing part is, Laure sleep through me getting up to shoot the moon. The cats wake me up a lot during the night, but I rarely get up because I have so many cats on me. Laurie usually gets up a lot. One of the reasons I end up with a lot of cats is because she gets up. Thanks, JYP.

    • If it happened at a more reasonable time, and the sky was clear, I would have taken shots every 15 minutes and put together a time-lapse series. But the wee hours, the clouds and a meeting this morning were good disincentives for doing the every fifteen-minute series. Thanks, Brian.

  1. I quite frankly run out of superlatives for your sky photos, Tim. Sunsets and night skies are something I don’t get to experience, so I really enjoy these!

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