Cats ‘n’ Flowers

Veteran’s Honor with morning glories at sunrise.

Spunk lounging in the morning rays.


Day Lily with Morning Glory

Gwendolyn and Spunk were not happy with the camera in their faces.


51 thoughts on “Cats ‘n’ Flowers

  1. Morning glories go with everything πŸ™‚ That first rose looks like velvet. Can’t blame Spunk for taking in the rays and then hanging in a plastic tray!
    Happy Sunday, Tim.

    • Thanks, Dale. We used those plastic trays in the freezer. We took them out and put them on the table while we had ice cream freezers in the freezer. The cats took over the plastic boxes and won’t let us have them back. Everything goes to the cats around here.

  2. You are still getting a lots of color in your gardens. Morning Glories I can only grow behind the deer fence up here. They are just too tasty to passing deer.

    It is always good to see the kitties.

    Your Vavoom rose reminded me of one of the cartoon characters from long ago. He appeared on the Felix the Cat cartoon.

  3. Wow, Tim! That first shot is spectacular, only to be outdone, by Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ in the sun.
    Wonderful flowers live where you do. The cats looks amazingly healthy.

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