New Mexico Landscapes

I drove to Alamogordo this morning to deliver a proposal. It was a three-hour drive straight through with one short stop along the way. On the way to Alamogordo, I made mental notes at places I needed to stop and take photos on the way back. Needless, to say It took me six hours to drive back after all the stops. Here are a few photos of the landscapes I got on the drive back.

75 thoughts on “New Mexico Landscapes

    • Rain still happens, amazingly. It was quite green, and some areas had fire danger as “low” which I haven’t seen around my area in years. Thanks, Cheyenne.

  1. I love those wide impressive landscapes and views. Unfortunately, this part of the world is a densely populated area. I should buy that transporter device…

    • We definely need a transporter. You would live the openness and big skies out here. Thanks, Herman.

  2. These images certainly fit your state’s tag line “Land of Enchantment”. Good luck with your proposal, hope it’s accepted and turns into a contract!

  3. Just wow!!! Par excellent! May I ask how you edit these (the editing is IMO not able to improve!), and what device to you use to photograph with? The reason I ask I am delving into the world of video via a phone. I honestly just could gaze at these landscapes. I don’t know how to manage the heat, but the vistas are completely breathtaking!

      • It doesn’t get super hot at our altitude, and it’s so dry here, that when the temps do go over 100ºF it’s tolerable. We are in our monsoon season. The cumulonimbus clouds reach 30 to 40 thousand feet and the rain is always really cold. An afternoon thunderstorm will drop 90ºF temps down to the 60s in a matter of minutes.

    • I used a Canon 5Ds with a 70-200 L lens and my iPhone Pro 13 for the photos. I process my photos in Camera raw. I often dehaze the images to help the clouds pop out. The bright sun, plants outgassing, smoke and dust produce hazy skies, even out in the middle of knowhere. I use to use haze filters on my lenses in the film days, but Camera raw provides an excellent haze filter. Thanks, Amy.

      • Thank you for all this information. Truly amazing photographer you are. I too favor dehaze. I use no filters for I too have found in PS I can do all my changes if I need any there.

  4. Absolutely stunning photographs!!! And that rainstorm photo at the end…WOW! I am fascinated by New Mexico; after taking an ancestry DNA test last year, I found out part of my ancestral roots trace from central and northern Mexico, to parts of New Mexico and southern Texas! So the New Mexico landscape shots are wonderful to see. Thanks for posting these!

    • That is fascinating. My brother, who is into geniology, just sent the most recent update on his DNA. It’s coming down to we (he is enough of we) are mostly Scottish. Our anscesters came over on the Mayflower. One time my sister asked our grandmother how our family came to America. My grandmother told her “They came over on the Mayflower!” My sister thought that was silly and grandma was making it up. Turns out grandma was right.

      A lot of Spaniards ended up in northern New Mexico. I have written and presented papers at medieval studies, modern and ancient language association, and linguistics conferences about the unique culture and language we have in north-central New Mexico due to the Spanish settlers getting cut off and isolated for a few hundred years from the rest of the USA when it was under Spanish rule.

      Your ancestors would be part of that isolation and unique culture. Being a native New Mexican, I grew up in that unique culture and linguistic environment. When I talk about irrigating in posts, its the same method brought to New Mexico in the 17th century by Spanish settlers, and it’s still done pretty much the same way as it was back then.

  5. Wow, Awesome clicks, seems like the view might have been more wonderful to witness in person👍👍

  6. Obviously going in reverse here to get caught up on your posts, but I must say, I like this shot of the stone structure even better than the previous…err… make that later one. Those gold tones are gorgeous.

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