62 thoughts on “Aligned

    • The moon is or was supposed to line up also, but I don’t know if it did or would here. I didn’t see it last two nights because it was cloudy. Thanks, Maj and Sher.

  1. I feel that there should be a song to go along your photos. It is the age of Sagittarius according to the star sign today! Oh Tim – you know how to light up your posts!!

  2. Terrific photo and diagram, Timothy. I have noticed that bright planet the last few nights when I pulled the curtains closed, and now I realize, from you, that it’s Venus. The sky has been so incredible lately. Thanks for opening my eyes more….

  3. Wow! Amazing, Tim!! I dream of having powerful lenses to see up close planets and stars. Now that is a BIG dream. LOL And that moon ….. what a halo! awesome!

    • You have a 400mm lens. That’s what I use for getting Jupiter with its moons and Saturn’s rings somewhat. I used my iPhone for the alignment shot. A telescope would be nice for deep space photos and close up shots of the planets.

  4. Amazing, Tim!
    You see & show things I’ve never seen.
    What’s the big shiny thing on the far upper left? The moon?

    Now I’m thinking about the Age of Aquarius.
    “When the moon is in the Seventh House
    And Jupiter aligns with Mars
    Then peace will guide the planets
    And love will steer the stars”.
    I’m totally wondering what this alignment is the age of?

    • Thanks, Resa. I’m happy to show you the skies you don’t get to see. The moon is the fuzzy thing on the left. Someone else mentioned the Age Of Sagittarius when Jupiter aligns with Saturn and Venus. Seems like peace is not on us and chaos reigns. Did you see Michael Nesmith died? He was my favorite Monkee. I know all the girls loved Davy.

      • Ah, no I didn’t see he died!
        I never had a fave Monkee. They weren’t my thing.
        Although later I came to like “Sweet Young Thing” by Mike. I still like it.
        Now, I can say I think “Day Dream Believer” is kinda okay.

      • I was never a fan, but I did see some of there shows when I was a kid. They were silly and fun. Mike reminded me of my cousin who was killed in a work-related accident in the 60s.

      • Ah, sorry to hear about your cousin!
        Sorry t hear about the tornado devastation.
        Were you effected at all?
        I think Mike Nesmith was the talented one.

      • The tornados were nowhere near us. We had mild winds compared to the Southern US. Tornados are fierce.

  5. I tried to capture this with my telescope. But I didn’t get what I expected, the saturn isn’t clearly visible in that.
    But kudos to you. Such a stunning picture you’ve captured. 🙌

  6. Whoa, at first glance your blog seems to be about poetry, but then you have such interesting posts about space too. I’m not too knowledgable about space, but it does interest me, and I love this pics you’ve taken. Thanks for sharing, Timothy!

    • Hi Stuart. My blog is mostly about photography, but I’ve done a lot of poetry lately. I like photography the sky and astronomical events.

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