63 thoughts on “Black Cat Friday

    • Thanks, Cheyenne. As a mentioned in other comments, when I go to see the cranes at 4th of July point, they hang out, land, play and fight with each other, and pay little attention to me. Yesterday, there was only another photographer at 4th of July point when I got there, and he said all the cranes flew when he walked up. None of the cranes flying over landed while I was there talking to him. I had to go to Beaver point to get the cranes landing. It was almost dark by then.

    • Thanks, Brian. It was getting really dark by the time I got to the where they were landing. Another photographer had scared them away from 4th of July point.

    • Thanks, Heidi. They are elegant when they soar through the air. Then they are really silly when they land.

      • True. It’s good airline pilots don’t generally land their planes like cranes. Although I’ve been on some jets that had dicey landings.

    • Thanks, Marina. As I mentioned to Maj and Sher, when I went down to 4th of July point where the cranes gather, there was another photographer and no cranes. He said they all flew when they saw him. He was a nice enough guy for Argentina, but the cranes didn’t like him. As we stood talking lots of cranes flew over but would not land there. I walked back to Beaver point to get the photos of the cranes landing. It was getting really dark by then.

    • I went down to 4th of July point where the cranes usually gather, and there was another photographer their who said all the cranes flew off when they saw him. Hmmm. They don’t usually fly off when I’m there. Thanks, Maj & sher.

  1. Seems like individual cranes must know you are not a threat. We all have distinct movements and the other fellow may not show respect to the land as he moves about. I’m sure that you do!

    • It’s hard to say. He said he’s been in Corrales for 40 years, but we have never crossed paths before last night. I’m out there almost every night with the cranes. I talk to them, also. I noticed talking to the owls makes a difference in how they interact, but I talk to the same owls. I have no way to know out of the thousands of cranes that pass through how many are the same each night at 4th of July point.

  2. Stunning movement shots, Tim! Wow.
    The Black Friday thing is out of control. I’ve been seeing “Black Friday Sales” since September. Apparently nearly everyone has forgotten what it means. Just as they’ve forgotten the meaning of holidays… But I won’t get up on my “Julia Sugarbaker soapbox”.
    Hugs on the wing!

  3. Hi Timothy, we didn’t have any decent Black Friday specials and the stock market is calling it Red Friday due to the Omicron variant [sigh!]. Your bird pictures are wonderful as always.

    • Like Teagan said, Black Friday ads started in September. It’s all meaningless. At least the black cats sit on my lap and purr on Fridays. Everyday, really. The never ending variants. They’ll start running out of names pretty soon.

      • We can’t have fun at the holidays. The gloomer doomers make sure of that. The only thing that makes them happy is making sure everyone else is miserable. Pandemics make them absolutly joyful.

    • I big Black hawk flew over while I was out with the cranes last night. I think he was heading for home after looking for a good meal deal on Black Hawk Friday. There’s a pair that nest at Shady Lakes across the river from us. Thanks, David.

    • Thanks, JYP. Definitely better than most. I love black. It’s one of my favorite colors, and I’ve dressed in all black all the past 29 years. However, I hate Black Friday and all the idiocy that goes with it.

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