Ducks In A Row

The conservancy is let more water into the Rio Grande from upstream. That has brought the water level up in the Clearwater ditch. the black speckles in the sky are crows flying on the crow highway that follows the Rio Grande.

The ducks are happy to be in the clearwater ditch again.

Burning through the sky.

62 thoughts on “Ducks In A Row

  1. That is a beautiful scene wit h the mountains and river. The ducks do look happy!

    The sunset flaming contrail against the dark sky is a great composition. Nice catch!

    • Thanks, Lavinia. It’s nice to see water it the clear ditch again. That’s the first time in my lifetime I had seen it dry up. Even when they would divert all the water to irrigation in the Rio Grande years ago, the clear water ditch had water.

    • As long as there is water in the Rio Grande there is water in the clear ditch. It’s a drainage ditch used to lower the water table for the farmland. Originally all the land around us was wetlands. Our land is currently 16 feet below the riverbed. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. Interesting to know your land and the surrounding land was originally wetlands. In the same vain of “what was before,” was your property originally farmland too? My house and my parents’ house in the old neighborhood was an alfalfa field before a home developer purchased the land in the late 1950s to make Security Village. (Look at the number of homes today, nothing ‘village’ about it, but more of a sprawling suburb.) The developer used surplus building materials that was originally purposed for Camp Carson, but WW II ended sooner than expected and the Army sold off most of the building materials.

    And, since the area was wetlands at one time, have any of the greens suggested a wetlands restoration? For those living there, the greens would imply you’re out of luck, which seems to be their overall mindset.

    • We still live on farmland, and irrigate it, when water is available. The whole valley was wetlands, If the levee system was removed, and the drainage ditches filled, it wouldn’t take long to return to wet lands; however, the cottonwood bosque, all the remaining farmland, and the communities in the valley with be ruined. I never hear talk about reclaiming wetlands in the valley.

  3. The ducks really do look happy, Tim. I got a kick out of “crow highway.” I had not thought about them flying along the river — but of course they would. The shot of the contrails is brilliant in color contrast. Hugs on the wing!

    • Thanks, Roberta. It take either birds letting you get close or a long lens to get decent bird photos.

      • For birds, a fast 400mm (f/4 or larger aperture) with a fast focus that you can use hand held.

      • I use my iphone or ipad cameras. To date they have been fine for family pictures, but I find myself drawn to nature and would like to take better pictures. My husband is going to by me a camera for Christmas. Any suggestions [for a beginner].

      • I would suggest staying away from the mirrorless cameras for bird photography. They don’t focus as quickly as mirrored cameras. If he doesn’t mind putting out some money, I would suggest a Canon 7D Mark II with a Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS II usm. He could go for a Canon T7 or T8i body, which will save quite a bit of money and still have a quality body. The lens is the important thing. The 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6l is ii usm is one of the best bird lenses out there. All those bodies are crop sensor, so the 400mm is equivalent to 640mm. That’s really important for bird photography.

      • Thank you, Timothy. I appreciate your advice. I have copied this and emailed it to Terence. He is very generous so he won’t mind spending a bit of money and black Friday is just ahead so he may even find a bargain. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Adore the Ducks in a Row!
    Is the conservancy doing the right thing with the Rio Grande and the Clearwater Ditch?
    The ducks sure look happy.

    • But that’s where it came from. Ducks, especially ducklings line up in a row to follow each other. Thanks, JYP.

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