62 thoughts on “Buzz The Moon

  1. That is a great catch with the moon ad the plane! I love the cranes, too. Pterodactyl Airlines taking off and landing. That is some landing gear they have.

    A cloudy, warmish and slightly rainy evening up here. No moon viewing tonight either.

      • I am glad for the rain, for sure, though I miss the moon. I hope the mountains get good snow pack this year, too. That helps rivers and aquifers get through a hot summer.

        So far the November weather has been relatively mild. Early December sometimes lowers the boom on us for temperature if the nights are clear.

      • Sometimes you have to be still for a long time, in an attempt to become part of the surroundings so the flitty, fast flying little birds will get close enough to photograph. The little birds can be so difficult to photograph.

  2. Original and beautiful images, Tim. Birds look like airplanes. You have a very good focus taking pictures. Congratulations!!

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