Freaky Friday! Sweet Child Of The Earth Of Mine

Some people will find this parody really creepy. It will certainly bug the hell out of other people. While a few people might even like the photos and footage of children of the earth, also known as Jerusalem Crickets and Potato Bugs. However you react, you might get a laugh out of me trying to fit “sweet child of the earth of mine” into the space of “sweet child o mine”. The lyrics are at the end of the post.

I was inspired to write the lyrics to this parody in February 2019 when I came across a Child of the Earth out trying to warm itself in the cold winter sun. I’ve worked on and off recording it for the past two and a half years. I got it to what Laurie thinks is a multi-dimensionally bloody awful state about 4 months ago. I was hoping to see a lot of Children of the Earth this summer to get more photos and footage of them, but, alas, no such luck. I borrowed footage from Jerusalem Crickets Only Date Drummers Deep Look, This Potato Bug Eats Everything! (Documentary), Killer Potato Bug Attack, and 9609 New Mexico Child Of The Earth (Another Journey in MyZahs life).

As a consolation prize, below are photos of the pTerodactyl doing a pterodactyl version of a hop, skip, and a jump, and cows in the cornfield.

Sweet Child Of The Earth Of Mine
Parody Lyrics by Timothy Price

It made me sad when I saw its face
Walking along in that lonely place
With a morning light so cold
Sun barely lit the sky

It seemed to shiver and it couldn’t run
trying to warm in that winter sun
And if it stayed too long
It would surely die

Oh-oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine
Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine

Its eyes were fixed, perfectly still
All-round in the darkest brown
Couldn’t seem to show the pain
Of that cold hard ground

Vulnerable exposed in an unsafe place
Without a place to hide
Try to save it from the freezing pain
Or simply pass it by?

Oh-oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine
Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine

Ooooooh! Oh-oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine
Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine

Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine
Oh, oh, oh-oh! Sweet child of the earth of mine

Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?

Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?

Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?
Where did it go now?

Where did it go now?
Where did it go?

Where, where did it go now?

Where’d it go?
Where-ere-ere-where did it go now?

Where did it go now?

Where-ere-ere-ere-ere where did it go now?

Where did it go now?

Ooh oh oh where did it go now?

Where did it go?
Where did it go?

Whoa whoa whoa

60 thoughts on “Freaky Friday! Sweet Child Of The Earth Of Mine

    • Hahaha! Yeah Hardly. We watched a video from 1988. Axi was so young. It was amazing. Thanks, Orca. I’m happy you suffered through it.

  1. What a body awful, entertaining video. I don’t know you where you come up with your ideas for parodies—may not want to know, lol—but I enjoy what I have seen. Keep ‘em coming.

    • Entertaining is the right word along with bloody awful. You have to be a little dark (you understand that), you have to be a little twisted (not sure where you are on twistedness), you have to be willing to be bloody awful (I’m an expert), and you have to have a good sense of silly. Now you know. Thanks, KT.

      • I’m about as twisted as they come, Tim, and dark to the core. I wish I had your knack for being silly…it’s hard for me to just put myself out there and be as bloody awful as I please. But after a few margaritas, I have been known to talk a blue streak, and laugh at just about everything, including myself.

      • Margaritas have a way of doing that. If you are anything like my non related Vincent Price or the dearly beloved Alfred Hitchcock, you are probably funnier that you let on.

      • I guess it really depends on who I am around, which because of Covid-19, has not been many for a while now. My husband has multiple co-morbidities, and is terrified of catching it, though we have both been vaccinated.

      • Covid cooties have a way of putting a damper on humor. That’s one reason I have no problem unleashing bloody awful parodies on the world:

        “If I make just one person laugh it’s worth it!”

        “It takes a bloody awful village to raise a smile!”

        “I’m creating all the bloody awfulness I can think of, and all the bloody awfulness you deserve!”

        “I am bloody! I am awful! You haven’t had enough!”

        “I am grateful for all the bloody awfulness that is unfolding in my life, and all the bloody awfulness that is to come!”

        “I am bloody awfully fulfilled. I am bloody awfully fearless!”

        And so are six of the mantras used by the social engineers in government and public education modified for a good purpose.

      • I suppose those mantras can be good or bad depending on which side of the fence one is on. I think the ones being dished out now are worse than bloody awful. In fact, they make bloody awful sound good.

    • Maybe they are high desert creatures. They are fascinating. I have loved them since I was a kid. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. What interesting but creepy creatures those potato bugs! I’ve never heard of them before. And the photo of the pterodactyl skimming over water is an such an amazing shot!

  3. A ha haaaaa…. okay, you know I’m not really fond of those creatures but I do feel for them, after all we share the earth with them! 😉 Only one question to ask: did you play it to them?! If only they knew how fortunate they are!
    Poor pterodactyl was shaded by your song!

  4. You are a unique creature, Timothy. I so loved this tribute to the potato bugs. It has taken me a few years to get used to these insects, finding them under rocks and being a little creeped out. That you have been fascinated by them since you were a kid, wrote a song and made a film, just says so many wonderful things about you. Interesting how they shake and shimmy like that. I hope you never change.

    • Thank you, Jet. I really appreciate that you wonderful comment. It’s that thing in finding the beauty in everything around you. You and Alexander have that sensibility. It’s wonderful that we can share our appreciation for the beauty of things that many people find ugly.

  5. I am sooo laughing and love your little bugs shivering and finding light that child of yours.. getting ready for the creepy crawlers of the night for Halloween. 💖🤣🤣👏👏👏👏

  6. I have never seen these little ugly critters… And you kill me with you parodies. You are certifiably nuts, is all I can say. Don’t ever change.

    Love the hop, skip and a jump!

    • Speaking of nuts, including the lug type, I just had an interesting exchange with Shey about flat tires, dancing with goats, and flushing a plug down the loo. Totally nuts. I’m happy you didn’t die from the killing. Change? Moi? Whatever free will I would have to change determined not to long ago. Thanks, Dale.

  7. Quite amazing actually! I enjoyed watching this Tim and have to admit I didn’t really find it freaky at all. And gotta say, you’re so clever in what you create!

    • For sure. I’m happy you had fun with it. I assume you have never seen a Child of the Earth, other than maybe an old hippie or two in real life?

      • I didn’t know there was a bee fly, either, before I looked it up, as that was the first time I had seen one. I’m happy I’m educational along with trying to be entertaining.

  8. Fantastic, Tim! This is a great one, loved the guitar and you did pretty good on the vocals, not many can get all those ranges! As for the bugs, gross, not my favorite bugs!😜

  9. It’s an insectorum parody, with heart. As grossed out as I am by insects by and large, I do feel sorry for the bugs in your video. Good work Mr. Groses.

    • I know you are grossed out by insects, Therefore, I am impressed you made in through the “insectorum parody”. Lewis emailed me and described it as “dirty, filthy bug porn” and he is right since the children of the earth are engaging in free love in the video. They are harking back to the 60s children of the earth.

  10. How fittingly creepy coming off all my haunted trail work – you definitely had to do some squeezing of words to get that to fit in the original timing ha!

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