89 thoughts on “Cloud Shapes Before Harvest Moon

    • We had no clouds today. But Monday was wild, threatening to thawrt my photographing the Harvest Moon rising. Fortunately, the clouds left an opened over the mountains so I could see the moonrise. Then it disappeared behind the clouds.

    • The clouds were entertaining while I was waiting for the moon to come or the mountain. Joshua stopped the sun and the moon, but the moon seems to have learned from Joshua how to slow time as the 15 to 30 minutes it takes the moon to rise over the mountains after the posted moonrise is like an eternity.

    • They were wildly entertaining while I was waiting for the moon to come over the mountains. From the time posted for moonrise on the web, it takes it 15 to 30 minutes after the posted time for the moon to come over the mountains. I go out and wait. It’s always a longer 15 to 30 minutes waiting for the moon to come over the mountains that a run-of-the-mill 15 or 30 minutes. Thanks, Dale.

      • I just relized I thought I was answering this comment with the boring sunset comment. I’m so confused.

      • Exacitactly. I rarely do more than one post. How people keep up with multiple posts each day is beyond me.

      • I dunno how you even post one per Day, never mind multiple times! I’ve set it up so I get one email per day for the multiposters. I check in some of theirs but not all. FFS…

      • I don’t get any emails from most multi-posters. I get way too much email without the multi-posters.

      • I hear ya. I don’t use the Reader very often…
        And I got rid of most of the multi-posters. New follows have (unfortunately) turned out to be multi… Sigh.

      • I have to use the reader because WP does allow me to comment on a lot of blogs on the blogs. I have to use the reader. It’s weird, and another frustrating WP glitch that persists.

      • WP got so bad in 2014 that I moved my blog to my Zenfolio photo site for three years. The Zenfolio got so slow that it was unusable, and a came back to WP. There are no good choices.

      • Whoa… that’s cray cray!
        And you’re right. WP is way better than Blogger, though… I didn’t last long there…

      • Is that Google’s old blog spot? I was on blog spot for a very short time in 2010 when I was trying out blog platforms after CaringBridge.

      • Inchcock has moved back to Blogger because he couldn’t deal with the block head editor. I noticed WP added back the option for the classic editor.

      • Many are beyond frazzled. I never left the classic editor – I have always created my posts through the admin page so, it was always available to me to choose it. Some say it will be removed one day. We shall see… I am not interested in putzing around with the block.

      • The choice for the classic editor was removed from my admin page for quite some time. I noticed it was available again the other day. I do like the ability to have the galleries, but they are still screwed up compared to how they were and the options I had for customizing the galleries in the editor before the blockhead replaced.

      • Weird. It was never gone from mine. At the top next to Posts – Add New with the arrow – it was always there for me. It did disappear from the left panel where you can add posts as well. But you could play with it by goin into the Edit function and choose classic.
        STILL… why make us run through hoops?

      • Mine disappeared from the top next to posts. It’s probably because I called one of the help desk persons a SLOB (sorry lowlife obstanant bastard) in one of my many fights with various WP SLOBs about the blockhead editor.

  1. Those are wild…that last one looks like some sort of chicken monster, but a lovely chicken monster. All the photos are awesome. I think clouds—their different shapes and colors, and how light plays off them—are one of the most interesting things to photograph.

      • Of course its not a tornado😅 just the wild shape of the clouds kinda looks like it😌

        Anyways you’re welcome!!

      • Fortunately, tornadoes are very rare out here because of the mountains. But we have experienced one or two over the past 40 years. Out here everyone runs out to look at the tornadoes instead of running for cover.

      • Wow that’s kinda weird.. I mean who would go to watch a tornado instead of running away from it😅.. Maybe its because tornados are rare in your area?

      • Well the saying does say “curiosity killed the cat”.
        Anyways thanks for the information and the wonderful photos!

  2. Spectacular!
    The first cloud looks like it’s floating around with Alexander McQueen’s famous skull on it.
    The 5th looks like Isadora Duncan doing the Dance of the Seven Veils.
    7 & 9 look like tough seas.
    #1 is my fave!
    Fun post, Tim!

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