54 thoughts on “Sunflowers & Crashing Cloud

  1. Awesome photos! I love sunflowers…they’re so cheery. Years ago, I grew some giant sunflowers that were taller than me. I’m thinking on planting some this coming spring.

    • Thanks, KT. The first and the third sunflowers are hybrids from the Maximilian (in the center photo) that mixed with fancy colored sunflowers we had planted years ago.

  2. Stunning pictures and awesome haiku! Wow, the second one with the petals shining in the Sun- so mesmerising! The sky’s a beautiful blue too 😀

    • Here in blooming paradise, the flowers are happy despite the dryness trying to deflower it. Thanks, Marina.

  3. Beautiful photos Timothy. Did you read about the man out in the Midwest (A farming state, maybe Iowa) who planted acres and acres of sunflowers to honor his wife who passed way. It was amazing, all you could see for miles! Thanks for the day brightener 🌻🌻🌻

    • Thanks, Roberta. I’ve used sunfowers in floral attangements. They work really well, but they do like water.

  4. Love sunflowers, they plant huge fields of them in the park next to me and we enjoy heading over there every year and getting some shots.. before the crowds start showing up thanks to Facebook posts. After the heads all droop, they turn into dove hunting grounds.

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