Hi There

Hi there!
You look like you live in a world that’s upside down
Everything is turned on its head
Nothing is the right way up
It must be dizzying
Living a topsy-turvy existence
Where you can’t tell reality from illusion
And so many others are delusional about their senses and beings

53 thoughts on “Hi There

  1. Cute little fellow on the flower…a grasshopper, I think??? And the clouds, wow! Blues, greens, purples, grays, perhaps a hint of lemon.
    Yep, Tim, it’s a topsy-turvy world, filled with confused people.

  2. I enjoyed your poem, Timothy. It reminded me of a chapter from Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree book series. The land of topsy turvey, where everything was upside down and the people walked on their hands.

    • They do have a tendency to eat their mates. I love playing with mantis. They have a lot of personality as insects go. Thanks, Brian.

      • RATS!!!
        I was going to ask, but thought just once I had a shot of showing off my Entomology knowledge.
        Looks like it’s Enotmology for me! lol

      • You were not the first to mistake her for a graahopper. If you are not used to seeing praying manti, it only makes since to call it a grasshopper.

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