38 thoughts on “Let There Be Peace

  1. That’s all I want—peace. For some of us, for one reason or another, it’s hard to come by.
    Your rose is stunning, Tim. I don’t think I’ve seen that particular color before.

    • Thanks, KT. We who just want to be left alone, long for peace. The nanny state wants to pester and assure there is no peace to be had. Peace is an old rose that was hybridized in 1935. It had veryious names during WWII because there was no communication between hybridizes. It was named Peace in 1945 the day Berlin fell.

      • The Nanny State will not be happy until we’re all frightened little snowflakes who need an all-wise government directing every aspect of our lives. Grrrrr…
        Thank you for the info regarding the Peace Rose. I learned something new today!

    • Thanks, Susan. It was a good time of day when changing camera angle a little made a huge difference in the light.

  2. It whispers on the breeze of fragrance — peace. I think one of my roses is that kind, but it has never done very well. I need to get the neighbor’s thorny tree, which hangs out over it lopped back. I think there’s something in whatever that tree is, that hurts the rose.

    Gorgeous shots, Tim. Hugs on the wing.

    • Rose bushes need 6 hours of sunshine a day to be healthy. If it’s shaded by the neighbor’s tree, it might not be getting enough direct sunshine.

  3. Lovely pictures! An interesting word “peace” – a state of calm and rest, but to get there usually requires anything but, and to maintain it takes more energy that it took to establish it.

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