52 thoughts on “Clouds Moon

  1. Breathtaking! You must have a hell of a camera, Tim.
    I’ll be watching for that harvest moon…I think in about a month. I’ve seen some spectacular ones in my life, and am hoping we get good weather conditions then.

  2. A beautiful series of moon shots, Tim. We had a clear sunset, but an increasingly cloudy night. I got to see the moon for a while. She is almost full. She will be on Sunday, the calendar says.

  3. Sturgeon moon, named I presume as in the sturgeon fish. How did your paper presentations go? I presume your kitty crew were attentive and well-behaved (no hissing or wild meowing).

    • Hi David. Yes it is named after the fish. The sturgeon used to be plentiful this time of year in the great lakes according to the Old Farmers Almanac.

      The presentations went well. There were a lot of technical issues on their side with Storycatcher Virtual Events (SVE). It was limited and problematic. I’m not sure why the chose that over Zoom other than it might be local and the University already had a license for it. Could be a Eurozone thing. I’m guessing. I didn’t take time to look into SVE’s origins.

      The kitties were very attentive, chasing each other around the house and knocking things over during our presentations.

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