55 thoughts on “Butterflies Bee

  1. The colors jump of the page…er…iPad screen. Nothing more beautiful than butterflies—unless it’s flowers. And by the way, you’re getting quite proficient writing haikus. Have you tried a tanka? It’s a smidgen longer than a haiku, giving one a little more to work with.

    • Thanks, KT. I know about tanka, but haven’t really looked to hard at it. I like to think my 575 poems are in the form of haiku. I never call it haiku because I feel it isn’t really haiku. It’s like bonsai. He have bonsais, but the way we keep and care for bonsais is not anything like the Japanese. I see the same thing with writing poems in 575. They are really fun, but what I do is not really haiku.

      • From what I’ve read, I thought a 5-7-5 poem to do with nature and/or seasons is a haiku, but if it’s about human issues, it’s a senryu. But I could be mistaken…wouldn’t be the first time.

    • Thanks, Rudy. Tru, but really the one in flight is being a bother to the other butterfly and the bee.

    • Thanks, Angelilie. I’m happy you liked them. We always lover your kisses from Paris. How are you doing? Hugs and kisses from the kitties and me.

      • Thank you Timothy for your kisses. I am doing very well. I’m back from holidays in the South of France. I send lots of kisses and hugs to your kitties and to you 😘

      • I think I told you that we were in Aix-en-Provence for two weeks in 2013. It’s really beautiful down south.

      • Yes, Aix en Provence is very beautiful. I went to Montpellier in the Hérault. Now, I am happy to find all my visitors and to publish new beautiful wallpapers in my blog.

  2. A beautiful series. I like the butterfly hanging in mid air. Yes, I have seen that here, where bees aren’t too bothered by other species sharing the blooms. An occasional yellow jacket sometimes comes in an harasses one, but they diligently go about collecting pollen and nectar.

  3. And now we can add to your title that of “butterfly whisperer” Tim! I especially appreciated how your photo gallery presented so many moments of the overarching story.

  4. They seem to be abiding each other better than humans. There is a lesson here.
    Bee attentive to your good work, and beauty will surround you.

  5. Oh, my! Breathtaking photographs! 😱 The butterfly and the bee got some GREAT stills for free and they’d use them as a profile picture in their social media accounts if they had one lol. 😄 What a wonderful Haiku! 💖 Goes so well with this spectacular scenery. It’s like a sudden burst of magical colours 😀

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