Fine Feathered Friend

I don’t know what this little bird is, but it was insistent about getting its photo taken. The minimum focus on the Bazooka is 11.5 feet (3.5 meters). This bird kept hopping to branches closer to me making me back up to get it in focus. It’s an adorable little bird. Maybe Brian or Susan Hunter can identify it.

82 thoughts on “Fine Feathered Friend

    • Of course your not. Interestingly enough, in the US of A, tits are called chickadees. They say it’s for the call the tits make, but since chickadees are called tits everywhere else in the world, I think it’s because American prudes can’t deal with tits. If I’m remembering George Carlin’s seven words you can say on television correctly, tits was on the list.

  1. Hi Tim,
    This is a male Bushtit. You have probably seen their large flocks flying rapidly through low shrubs, calling each other with high-pitched squeaks and trills. When they do it overhead it’s as if they are casting a spell that won’t break until they move on to the next place. They eat a lot of aphids and insect eggs, thus helping your roses. They are some of my favorite birds.
    The female birds have yellow eyes. In the spring they pair off and weave an elaborate sac of plant material and spiderwebs for a nest. Thanks for this post.

    • Thanks, Susan. I knew you could identify it. This one was eating something off the plant and, like I said getting closer to me. I often wonder if birds can see their reflection in my lenses. Humming birds hover in front of me and move just out of the lenses view every time I point it at them. Other birds allow me to look at them for as long as I want, but then when I point my lens at them it’s “Β‘Hasta la vista! Baby.” Maybe this one was attracted to its reflections.

  2. We don’t have these little birds in our part of the county. 😦 They may be a drab color, but the lighting and colors of the flowering plants make them look magical.

  3. Yep, their ID were spot on. I always like the Cornell description of ping pong balls with tails. Interior class – could almost be a juvenile, but I do not really have access to this particular bird although going to keep my eyes out next time I am in Vegas! (especially since I might have dismissed it too quickly as a blue-gray gnatcatcher in the past)

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I had to adjust the exposure quite a bit. It was backlit and its face was shaded. The photos ended up with uniform light.

  4. Breathtaking Timothy! I love birds so much if I had the time and equipment I would be a nerdy birdwatcher, pushing through trails to catch a yellow bellied sap sucker. All kidding aside , I truly would ! This is a beautiful sight, thank you.

  5. Tim, thank you for these fab pics of what is perhaps the most adorable bird I’ve ever seen!
    Some of us on the planet are just born beautiful!

      • Beauty it is!
        Share you did!
        Okay, I had to reboot.
        I quite like FF, but it is not as convenient as Chrome. I think I am in better privacy hands with FF.
        Learning the ropes!

      • I like FF, and my ducky apps. I use DuckDuckGo for browsing and CyberDuck for FTP.

      • DDgo is great because it’s like an aggregate search engine that doesn’t track your every click. It’s very effective also. Laurie was looking for an example of a poem form to use in the English class she is teaching. She was using chrome and goggle to search and she kept finding all these weird references and unusable forms. I typed the name of the form into DDgo and the first thing it returned was the form she was looking for. Laurie said “How’d you find that so quickly?” I told her I use the right tools. If you upload and download files using FTP and SFTP, CyberDuck is great. I’ve used it for years.

      • Well,DD Go is part of my FF now.
        I’m groovin’ on FF, but every time I refresh, or quit for an update… I lose all my pinned sites?? Advice?
        So, I got your music. I’ll listen when I can take a break from watching EMMY noms. Probably tonight. I can work on my computer with screen in screen, but I need the audio from the show I’m watching.
        Voting is over in 7 days,and I haven’t seen a lot of the noms.

      • Listen whenever it’s convenient. Pinned sites? I have multiple tabs open. Is that what you are calling pinned? After FF restarts, I go under History in the top menu bar and select Restore Previous Session and it restores all the tabs I had open. Don’t close the start page that comes up before restoring previous session or it will take the start page as the previous session.

      • No, not open tabs, I think.
        On the FF start/new tabs page, there are a bunch of squares. They show sites I’ve been to. I can pin the ones I want. Or, I can put a name and an URL and pin that. I can have up to 4 rows of squares.
        I will try Restore Previous Session … maybe that will work.

      • Oh!
        Well, I’ll figure it out, one way or another!
        I’m liking my FF & DDGo!
        Eee! I watched a lot of TV shows today. Head is spinning! Time to cook…food!

      • One of our Manx kitties would catch lizards in the catio and bring them inside, yowling to let me know he caught them. Then he would let them go. I had to chase the lizards all over the place to catch them and put them outside. One day I sat down with Stretch and told him he didn’t need to bring lizards in the house. A few minutes I heard him yowling behind me and thought “Oh no!” When I turned around and looked at him, he had a trumpet flower in his mouth. I praised him, and he never brought another lizard or other animal in the house again. However, for the rest of the summer he brought trumpet flowers inside, and they were all over the house.

      • Oh Timothy… and I thought I was the cat whisperer but you have clearly out shined me!
        I love that story! We get lizards all the time and sometimes I find the tails in the house. I have the unfortunate or fortunate issue of having a once feral that loved mice in the house so I don’t feed much in the day to get her in at night so everyone follows those rules. She is getting soft and likes home life now tho.. so maybe we’re getting close to shift all of that. I love your story and the flowers.
        I will have a chat with her tomorrow..β£οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
        🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 flowers every were❣️

      • Our kitties will bring mice inside. I tell them they are supposed to leave them outside. They don’t listen very well. Stretch was a remarkable kitty. He had congenital kidney failure when he was 4. We “waterboarded” (subcu fluids) him daily for five years. He had a good life dispute renal failure.

      • oh yes they just love that don’t they!!!! Listening skills are tough for kitties alright.
        awwww what great parents you are!!! Poor little guy but he did have a good life which is awesomeπŸ’–

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