42 thoughts on “Blue Moon Blue

    • Thanks, KT. Yes that’s Blue. We raised her from a new born. She’s 20 years old, and about about 9 feet long.

      • No. Blue would eat the cats. She has her own room with a large, secure cage. Between birds, cats and snakes, we have all the predators and prey coexisting to some extent.

  1. Ethereal pictures of the Moon! 😃 I misinterpreted the title for a “Blue moon” and wondered why it wasn’t blue. And then I learned that Blue was the snake 😅 Blue looks lovely too! 💞

    • One the moon gets above the thick atmosphere and low clouds hanging on the horizon, it turns blue then white in its brightness.

  2. I enjoy moon images with tree limbs, cacti, or any vegetation as a silhouette. It makes the moon so much more dreamier then it is.
    Have a great week… and to Blue too!

    • You are welcome, Rebecca. But if you have ever seen the second full moon in a single month, then you have seen a blue moon.

      • Yes/ Not a lot of blue moons. and fewer black moons. A black moon is when there is no full moon it February, which means a blue moon in January or March.

    • Thanks, Cindy. We have rats in the freezer and I have to warm up the frozen rats when I feed Blue.

      • I never feed live anymore. I had a large python that got bit in the mouth by a rat. I had to treat that wound. Mouth wounds are a real pain to treat on a large snake. As you might imagine.

    • She’s 18 or 19. We got her as a new born in 2002 or 2003. They can live 25 to 30 years in campivity. Given Beaker is 10 years beyond what he is supposed to live, Blue might live another 18 years.

      • Wow! You take such good care of your pets, no wonder they can have long lives.
        It’s also very cool that you have cats and snakes and a bird.
        Jeep wouldn’t put up with anything else. She barely puts up with Johnny.
        I think a poor mouse is under the sink. Jeep has taken up station there for 3 weeks now.
        Last mouse, she waited about 6 months for.
        It’s out of my control.

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