65 thoughts on “The Full Moon A Foot

      • He has pink as well as black toe pads, and looks like it might be a little swollen unless that is the camera angle. He looks like he got himself caught between some siding and something. Where is he?

      • Yep. Hi dicolored pads. It’s the camera angle making it look swollen. He’s in a hammock. All the kitties end up with legs and tails hanging over the edges and in spaces between the wall and hammock.

    • Hi Dale. 98.9% full is close enough for rock & roll. I often take and use photos of the almost full moon the day before for the full moon, because it is full enough and it rises when there’s still a little light left to get the mountains, trees, clouds, etc. in the photos.

      • And last night, there was a pastel sky and my pictures turned out rather lovely. I really have to get my butt into gear and share.

      • It’s amazing how we get out butts stuck in granny gear or reverse and move about rather slowly or backwards on good intentions. I have so many things I never gotten around to sharing.

      • Tell me about it. I spend so much time reading posts that I get fed up of WP and don’t bother writing my own!

      • I am always fed up with WP, but manage to write posts despite WP’s best efforts to piss me off so much that I give up. I was mentioning to another person that with Apple, Google and Microsoft trying to make the web, mobile devices and desktop platforms the same, there is a reason for their update madness, however frustrating they are. With WP, the only reason I can see for their updates are 1) for WP developers to show they are doing something, and 2) to annoy users. I can’t see any other reason for WP’s madening madness.

      • WP – I say the same… they do these changes to give themselves job security. I’m just glad I can bypass their nonsense by choosing the classic. The day I can’t, I dunno what I’ll do…

      • A nearly full moon, the day before, two days before is a full moon enough in my book. The full moon tonight has been obscured by clouds.

        Regarding WP, I’ve seen their platform go from intuitively easy to intuitively more complicated. In the beginning, they were more selective who they wanted to blog from the dot com side, only four themes to choose from, no customizations. Nowadays, too many themes and customizations that simply don’t work, too many blogs from the dot com side. What mattered in the beginning was quality content, now it’s about clicks. Right now, I’m going through a writing upswing. It’s less about pictures, more about perspective … at least how I see it. Getting to be too reflective in the wee hours (LOL). ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I really liked the very first them I had. Nice and simple with large photo area. WP didn’t keep that one areound for long. Thanks, David.

      • I kinda remember the theme you’re talking about. It was their most versatile one they had. Just right for photos, just right for long-form writers. But, that’s been the chronic problem with WP – they just didn’t know when to stop with the modifications. They called them enhancements, but didn’t enhance anything. Enhancements are meant to simplify, but in their case, it complicated. I’ve been with WP since ’04 and I know you’ve been with them for a long time. I’m sure we can write a book on how not to f*** up a platform. If anything is going for them, WP is still better than Blogger, Live Journal, etc. Sorry about the f-word on a Sunday morning. You and Laurie, have a good week. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You noticed the two coleored pads. Spunk is special. The moon is rather easy at right before sunrirse. Thanks, Inchcock.

  1. Thatโ€™s a gorgeous moon. I was awake at dawn but didnโ€™t go outside. I havenโ€™t been great with taking pics lately. Thank you for sharing your amazing photos.

    • Search for Spunk on my blog and you will find lots of posts with the owner of the foot. Thanks, China Dream.

  2. How cute – love the foot – not a cat person so not sure if that is unique or not for that species. I did a quick investigative look and all our dog’s pads are black (dogs were not pleased with that research ha).

  3. It’s a Virgo full moon! When I was driving, it appeared to be bigger than usual. I love days where the moon is shining as bright as it can in the sky. ๐Ÿ™‚

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