Copter & Crows

Helicopter flying among the crows.

The snow that was forecast for today ended up only cloud cover with a lot of cold wind.

Sandias after sunset.

Daddy Owl after dark.

37 thoughts on “Copter & Crows

  1. That is an interesting image of the helicopters and crows! The Sandias and river are always a treat, and Daddy Owl looks like he is keeping good vigil. You have a wonderful assortment of wildlife there in the bosque.

      • Well the littler grandie broke the connector. She is the dainties and lovelies wee lassie but she is a wrecking ball. The plastic pages of the electronic toddler’s book??? All pulled out, you name it. She can lob a cup with spot on accuracy across a whole room. And she prob just brushed past it and it was all bent. Well.. you wanna try getting something like that at the mo here. We ordered another one from Amazon and then I went through the computer stuff drawer and found this ancient one from like 2000 AND the rom… yes it has a rom and it actually works. It works better than what we had cos it is so old it only tries to connect to the two nearest networks, us and down stairs instead of half of Broughty Ferry.

      • It’s nice when you can be saved by the dinosaurs found in a infinite drawer of doom. Since you don’t have cats, you have a wee lassie wrecking ball to visit and make up for you lack of kitties.

      • One good consequence of age. Although there seems to be a lot of people who never stop chucking everything about the place.

    • I was mentioning to Marina it’s like Cézanne painting the Mont Sainte-Victoire with its ever changing light, colors and atmosphere. Thanks, Resa.

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