Travel Photo Challenge Day 6 “GOAL!” 8 Days in Paris

The neighbor’s cow was itching to get into the spirit of football…

Day 6 of the Travel Photo Challenge takes us to Paris, France in 2018. We were in Paris for 8 days in July 2018.  Laurie gave a paper at the 2018 Internation Conference on Construction Grammar. Laurie and I were both going to present papers at the 2020 Internation Conference on Construction Grammar in Antwerp, Belgium last August, but it was postponed to August 2021 because of COVID.

We did a lot of exploring, including meeting up with a fellow blogger, Anne, who hasn’t posted in a couple of years, and she gave us a long walking tour of the 10th and 19th Arrondissements. We arrived in Paris the day France played and won the World Cup by defeating Croatia 4-2. The Parisians were celebrating in the streets.

We stayed in a hotel inside the roof of a hospital that was rebuilt in 1380 and then remodeled in 1801 to remove the church-like façade. The hospital is catercorner to Notre Dame. The hospital is a labyrinth and it was very difficult to find the hotel when we first arrived. After 8:00 pm security had to ring us in through a side door, and we often had a heavily armed military unit follow us into the passage. One day when the military unit was making its rounds through the hospital, one of the men broke guard, stopped me, and asked me about my cameras and lenses. He was into photography and we chatted for a few minutes then we rejoined the unit.

There are 79 photos broken up into the World Cup celebration, Fashion Wheels, Where we stayed, On the town, Château of Vincennes, and Notre Dame. We were there the year before Notre Dame burned. We got up in the bell towers on our last day in Paris. We are very fortunate to have been able to go to Paris in 2018 and stayed so near Notre Dame.

Moon through the clouds. December 27, 2020.

Jupiter, a few of Jupiter’s moons and Saturn on the lower right. December 27, 2020.

The photographer of the day is Inge David at I don’t know where Inge lives, but it’s somewhere in northern Europe. She is an excellent photographer and loves cars, architecture, and nature.

GOAL! France won the World Cup in 2018.

…She painted herself like a Frenchman.

People were sitting in the streets all over the neighborhood we were in watching the game.

Fashion Wheels

This family, each on their own wheels were adorable, and the young woman on the right was very fashionable.

Where we stayed.

We had a small, comfortable, modern room with our own bathroom and air-conditioning. Not bad for a 640-year-old building.

We were in the last room in the third wing on the right.

On the town

Graveyard cats

Château of Vincennes
We walked five miles east to Château of Vincennes, which is outside of Paris proper. You can learn more about it in my post A Long Walk into the Past at

Notre Dame



77 thoughts on “Travel Photo Challenge Day 6 “GOAL!” 8 Days in Paris

  1. Tim, another great post. I remember some of the photos from a prior post. Always good to see Paris day & night. I spent a few weeks there back in the 1970s. Happy end of 2020 & Happy New Year 2021 coming up fast. 🥳🎶 Christine

  2. Very beautiful photographs of France and the celebration of the 2018 World Cup ⚽🏆. It was party time in France!🎉 What beautiful memories of your stay in France. Kisses Timothy from Paris.

  3. Paris is a magnificant city, I visited Paris in 2016 but for only 3 days. The Palace de Versailes is also worth seeing ! Great pictures and some of them I recognised very well.

  4. I read how some of copper metal on the cathedral roof melted together, melted into the wood, melted into the stone work. It is like a cemented bond. Also, they have globs of melted copper metal. So, the first part of the rebuild is carefully disassemble the roof structure. They’ve been able to do it on the computer. Now, it is seeing if they can do it in the “real world.”

  5. There are so many sites and memories captured in these photos! The staircase one is so interesting, it reminds me of a spiraling fossil shell. I love the animals popping their heads up in between, saying hello. 🙂

    • Hi Linda. That was one of three stair cases we had to climb to get to the hotel. The hospital was very difficult to navigate. We had a lot of fun with the rats. We would sit on park benches and they would run under the park benches, between our feet, across pathays for cover in the foliage. We got a lot of laughs out of the rat’s antics and other people’s reactions to the rats. The graveyard cat and her kittens were adorable.

      • A bit like a labyrinth! Oh my. The rats sound like they are also in a labyrinth, searching for the path to foliage! 🙂 I see rats in my yard, but I would say my favorite sights are squirrels. It’s awesome to see a mama cat and her family together. 😀

  6. OMG!
    Tim, you are crushing this photo challenge. The cow is awesome! Is it a calf?
    I bet you wanted to take that grave yard kitty home. What a beauty!!!!

    • Thanks, Resa. It’s a rather large calf, but yes it’s a calf and it’s cool in its natural B&W and in color. It’s like Neopolitan ice cream. Those graveyard kitties were adorable, but rather ferrel.

      • I really want to see Greece and Japan before Paris ….soooooo many places yet to visit 🤩😊🤩😊🤩😊🙏🏼

      • I out Japan on my list…because I’m I’m amazed by their culture….they seem to be a very respectful and polite race with great concern for elders….their technology is also top notch…..and …..sushiiiiiiiii🤗😅🤭🙈😊🍱🍣….yum yum….
        Maybe someday eh 🙏🏼😃

      • The Japanese have a lot of really cool cultural customs. Laurie and Tristan have studied Japanese, we have done bonsai for years, our cars are 98% Japanese (the owner’s manuals list that fact), and we have quite a few Japanese friends. When we lived in Spain, we often had a house full of Japanese for Christmas. The Spaniards shut out all foriegners at Christmastime, so we would end up with expats, and other foreign visitors we met in classes, at concerts or they were simply roaming the streets.

        I would certainly visit Japan given the opportunity, but Japan is not on the top of my travel list.

        BTW I’m thinking about posting Memories 2 tonight. It seems like a good song to usher in the new year.

      • Wow….you make me want to visit even sooner….you’ve already soaked in all there is to Japanese culture….I want that experience too….Japan….soon….hopefully…..

        Ooh wow….absolutely….what a year…..I don’t think anyone could ever forget 2020….phew….🤭🤣😉😅🙈😜😂😛

        Happy New Year Tim🙏🏼🤩🙏🏼

      • I wouldn’t say we have soaked it all up, but we know about a lot of it. Do you know who W. Eugene Smith was? He was a photographer for Life Magazine. Look up his Country Doctor series, it’s wonderful. He wrote a book called “Minimata: Life Sacred and Profane” about the mercury contamination that was causing major birth defects. He was severely beaten for exposing the situation and lost site in one eye I believe. You should be able to find some of the photos from the book online. They are amazing.

      • Oh wow….that is good information Timothy ….I just looked it up on wikipedia….so much …so much to absorb…..

      • Btw….studied Japanese……whattttttttttt
        They must be really talented….
        It must be so difficult to pick up such a unique language. ….hats off to them 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

      • They are the language queens. Tristan is a polyglot, and Laurie loves languages. I have enough problems with English.

      • They are totally bilingual in Spanish and English. Fluent in Italian and french. Do well with Latin. They have studied Japanese, Gallegos, Euskara (Basque) and Greek. I probably missed some.

  7. Hey Tim … What a fabulous collection of images .. I remember the gargoyles from your visit in 2018. Those graveyard kitties are just adorable .. Ah France, so much colour and life

  8. Sigh I love Paris beautiful photography, I was supposed to go on the 7th for an audition, not considered important work sadly so I was stopped by covid even though my test was negative. Your photo of the bridge of locks 🔐 reminded me of my engagement, that is where George proposed and when I said yes he clipped our lock onto the bridge. Loved the football photographs we all want that life back.

    • Hi Charlotte. That’s great you locked your love of the bridge. Sorry to here your audition got the covid cancel. Seems to be a lot of that these days.

      • The auditions carried on without me sadly, another opportunity lost. Oh well perhaps fate decides, I was so excited to be invited. Fingers crossed this whole year isn’t written off too.

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