A Persistence Of Hammocks

Marble, Sasha, and Spunk.

I got the new hammocks and a hide box on the wall above the windows for the kitties.

Spunks pondering the large hammock from the hide box.

Sasha makes her way down the stepping poles under Loki.

Marble, Sasha, and Spunk.

Marble, Sasha, and Loki.

Silver was a little late discovering the new setup.


44 thoughts on “A Persistence Of Hammocks

  1. What a set-up for the kitties!!! I enjoyed the gif! Still smiling…
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Laurie.

  2. A marvelous environment you have created for the felines, Timothy. I was wondering, do they have a well established hierarchy that is evident in everyday activity, or do they just chill?

    • Hi Maj & Sher. They have their pecking order. Spunk is top cat, but Silver challenges him. Silver bullies all the other cats, except the kittens, because he’s the biggest kitty. The girl kitties bully each other and Spunk.

  3. What a great series of kitty and hammock photos! Nicely designed and implemented, and given the seal of approval by the resident felines. You could start a side business there.

  4. This is fantastic! Where do the humans live?
    Well, cats are more important, when it comes to cuteness. I’m sure this is suer reinforcing Spunkie – Poo’s πŸ’‹ joy a being home.

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