I Kissed A Calf

This is the time of year to kiss calves and enjoy that sloppy taste of hairy bovine.

I originally posted this video in December 2017 on T&L Photos. I did not have the recording software and equipment I have now, so I made a new recording of the music and updated the video with the new audio.

48 thoughts on “I Kissed A Calf

  1. Some 40 years ago I owned and operated a commercial cow-calf operation with similar breeds. This video was a most interesting trip down my memory lane. Thanks…

  2. Hi Tim, fun music video. Not sure I would like it either. The calves are certainly adorable, from a distance that is, I have no idea of their disposition. I do hope they’re a sweet as they look.

    • Thanks, Mia. Those calves were very sweet and liked to lick me (messy). The one was also trying to lick my camera.

      • You’re welcome, Tim. I’m glad to know that they are very sweet. I suppose they’re not very discerning when it comes to photography equipment, a kiss is a kiss!

  3. Fab music, Tim! Still, those are some cute calves, and offer more than a modicum of competition.
    I would love to kiss them.
    Is there some special day for kissing calves? Or, did you make it up? There should be a day.

      • I had a calf once. On my Grandfathers farm. They named her Holly. When I went back the next Summer she was steaks and roasts. I don’t eat beef now.

      • Farmers. When I was a kid we raised farm animals, butchered them and ate them. That was how you lived on a farm. By the time I was a teenager, we only had horses, which I rode, and chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese, but we stopped butchering them. It was way too much work as compared to going to the supermarket. Resa has a similar story about her turkey when she was young.

      • My father left me at Grandparents farm Summers when school was out. ( my mom passed away when I was very young). They had lots of animals too, grandpa was a tobacco and cotton farmer. A city girl I learned a lot and had lots of fun there ( fresh veggies too) . I feel bad that my son never experienced life on a farm. I guess they didn’t know how devastating it would be to find that Holly had been … well, slaughtered and made into various cuts of beef. Not that it would have made a difference. I must find out about Resa’s turkey.

      • Farming is hard. We could have a small farm, but water issues, late frost, etc. make it very hard. We just grow what we can and enjoy or piece of paradise, which we are lucky to have. You have your piece of paradise, also. Going to a farm for the summer is more fun than farming. Your sure your son would have loved it.

      • Actually the times I took him there they had sold the farm and he was a bit bored. Some of my best memories are from my time downtown there. I had the most loving and selfless grandparents.

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