The Spat

Cranes having a spat on the Rio Grande.

A group of cranes flew into the shallows on the Rio Grande this evening and decided to have a spat over something. They are doing a nice crane dance as part of the spat in the GIF below.

The duck walks out of the middle of the spat.


43 thoughts on “The Spat

  1. The cranes are beautiful and I enjoyed the photos, especially the gif. The poor mallard is getting out of the fray just in time. He looks so tiny compared to them! πŸ™‚

  2. β€œJust passin’ through… pardon me please. No need to get your feathers in an uproar.” …said the duck.
    😊 πŸ¦†

    • Thanks, Mia. With the duck in the scene it does give you a nice sense of scale for how large the cranes are. They stand 4 to 5 feet tall. Years ago when I was riding my bike on the levee wearing a spider jersey, there’s an area I rode through where an arroyo dumps into the river. There were cranes on either side of the trail and instead of moving when I rode through them, they simply stood there and eyed the spiders on my jersey. I was looking eye to eye at those cranes as I rode between them.

  3. From the title, I thought there was a serious disagreement among your kitties. When I saw and read it was among the cranes, so much for peaceful harmony. It could be the main event at the next UFC fight night, preferably for a title of some kind. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  4. How very lovely to come across cranes on the Rio Grande, Tim. I enjoyed the spat. When cranes flutter and dance it is a big scene, because they are such big birds. Glorious.

    • Thanks, Jet. The cranes fly in from the fields to roost on the Rio Grande every night during the winter. They are big, elegant and noisy. But I love the sound they make. They fly over our house every morning giving us a wake up call.

  5. They sure dance neat… cranerinas for sure. Although, 1 duck does not an audience make. Hope they don’t have to close the show’s run early, due to financial ruin.

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