39 thoughts on “More Wild Skies

  1. Love the “I’m living in the Volcano” aspect I of the fiery bliss of thieve images, Timothy. Such wonderfully recorded resonances. Yes, for me, it DOIES have to be so much more. With Nature embraced there IS so much more. These pics run that route. Thank you!

    • You are welcome, Jordan, and Thank You! You describe the scenes well. The red clouds to the west were really strange looking in person.

  2. Love the burning wild quality of these images. The first one actually does remind me of the only volcano I’ve ever seen. Obviously I haven’t seen a lot! In fact it was far more like a scene from Star Wars when we were up closer and more personal but at a distance, yeah. .

    • Thanks, Amy Rose. I use a 17mm lens. The last photo is a three frame panorama using the 17mm it does make for a wide view.

      • I’ve yet to use my panorama option on my camera. Huh. So much more I want to learn. You’ve inspired me. The effects of these clouds are amazing!!

      • I don’t have a panorama option in the camera. I make sure I have about 20% overlap on each frame and then stitch the frames together in Camera Raw.

  3. Fantastic! If you didn’t post pics like this, I’d never see this kind of a sky.
    Okay… it was about 2 years ago… there was this god-send sunrise. Many posted it. They said it was from pollution! LOL!

    • Polution does make for nice sunsets and sunrises. I’m happy I can share our skies with you. Thanks, Resa.

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