There seems to be all kinds of challenges in the blogosphere, mostly photo challenges, and writing challenges. Here are a few challenges I recorded.

The first challenge was the song that started out as a drum track that Joel put together. He sent me the track and gave me the challenge to make a song out of it. I laid down a bass track, followed by a rhythm guitar track. I made up a vocal track on the spot, so I have not written down the lyrics, then I laid down the lead guitar track. One take for each track. I named the songΒ  Joel’s Beat.


The second challenge was when I was finally able to get my car washed (car washes had been closed under the lockdown). I washed my car and what did I get? Dust and muddy kitty prints all over the lid.



The third challenge was for Big Baby Owl who had flown over to another branch on the cottonwood tree, then decided to climb the trunk of the tree to get up where Mama Owl was perched high above her. Big Baby Owl climbed and climbed, flapped her wings over the more difficult parts, and finally got into a fork in the tree about 10 feet from Mama Owl. She looked up at Mama Owl and Mama Owl flew off. Big Baby Owl was devastated. She just stood in the fork of the tree with her head bowed (click on the photos for an enlarged slide show).


The fourth challenge was photographing black Irises that are bleached purple in our intense sunshine. The irises look almost black to the naked eye, but properly exposed photos show how purple black really is.


The fifth challenge was doing super wide-angle photos of Spunk and living to write about it and post the photos.


53 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. For some reason Tim, these gems reminded me of Edward Lear’s poem, The Owl and the Pussy Cat.
    Great effort went into making this for us. Thanks, Sir.

    • Thanks, Inchcock. You are right about the effort. For some reason whenever I use WP’s mosaic mode for photos the post gives me all kinds of trouble getting it to come out right.

      • Great job in the end, Sir.
        WP’s modes can take some getting used to, and are so annoying sometimes. I’ll not tried Mosaic yet, a challenge to try.

    • Hi David. It’s a long drawn out story, but the short version is, the next morning before 6:00 am Mama and Big Baby were perched in the top of the tree across from where Big Baby was. Daddy Owl was in another part of the tree, and Lttle Baby was on the branch near the nest. A Cooper’s Hawk was pestering Mama and Big Baby hopping from branch to branch chattering at them and then it buzzed them a few times before it flew off. The Cooper’s Hawk as pestering Mama Owl again tonight. The owls pretty much ignore the hawk. The owlets have outgrown the nest. They just hang out, play and flap their wings a lot seeing how much lift they can get on the branches near the nest.

  2. “I washed my car and what did I get? Dust and muddy kitty prints all over the lid.”
    Laughing Out Loud πŸ™‚

  3. This morning, “Joel’s Beat” is the first song I liisten to – I would do it on any other morning, too: now I feel fresh for the challenges of the day to come πŸ™‚

    The Big Baby Owl adventure is heart-melting to see. Hope, the young owls will soon be ready for their first flight and big enough to ignore molesting hawks.

    • Thanks, Puzzleblume. I’m really happy you liked the song. Big Baby climbing and climbing only to have Mama fly off was so sad. The owlets are much bigger than Cooper’s Hawks now, so they don’t have much to worry about the hawk. I’m surprised the hawk is bothering the owls. I heard Daddy Owl took out a hawk that got near the owlets when they were still in the nest several weeks ago. Maybe this one that keeps pestering the owls was the mate of the one Daddy Owl took care of.

  4. Never a dull moment at your place Timothy. Love the music, great job, you are amazingly talented. I laughed about the car fiasco ( sorry). I am concerned for big baby Owl. I’m afraid Mama is trying to tell him it’s time to fly. Spunk is being cooperative , He seems just too comfy to be on the attack. Glorious purple Iris’s. Nature is awesome! Happy Saturday Timothy, enjoyed!!

    • Thank you so much, Holly. I am happy you got a laugh out of the car. It was meant to be funny. I don’t think you need to worry much about Big Baby Owl, she is big and she works her wings and is getting ready to fly. I’m happy you liked the song. The secret with Spunk was I told him I was doing the photos for Resa, which was true. I sent a couple to her with photos of Dale’s peachtree. Have a super Saturday, Holly.

      • Well, those little paws all over that shiny hood were sort of super cute. Had to smile at that. I guess Spunk was trying to put his best face forward for Resa, I mean he is hoping Jeep will catch a glimpse of his casual side. πŸ™‚

      • The paw prints are super cute. I couldn’t resist photography them. When I’m photographing spunk with the super wide-angle lens, the lens is only a couple of inches from his face.

      • He usually starts biting on the lens hood and swatting at me. I think he was trying to impress Resa.

  5. What a great post. Good music, a car washing…. ooops – doesn’t that blow? How fabulous that you can watch the antics of the owls. I have trouble spotting any! Course, I don’t have the backyard you have! Those irises are divine.
    Have a great Saturday, Tim!

  6. The cat tracks on the red paint are a classic,Tim! That is very “cat”! Spunk is always a star, too.

    Poor baby owl, they do look forlorn until they are fully off on their own.

    Your irises are always beautiful. I like the circular frames. They almost look like cameo pins.

    And as always, good to hear you play and sing, Tim.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Classic kitty prints ar very “cat” is an understatement. The owlets usually look happy and playful but Big Baby Owl had worked so hard.

  7. Wow, you have been busy! Great new song by you and Joel, thanks for the update on the owls, they are getting close to moving on! A clean car always means rain, or dirty paw prints! LOL!

  8. Marvelous post. The photographs and the music are gorgeous. Timothy, I don’t really understand what happened. “Big Baby Owl was devastated. She just stood in the fork of the tree with her head bowed (click on the photos for an enlarged slide show).” And? Is Big Baby Owl ok?

    • Thanks, Gabriela. Big Baby Owl is fine. I was using “devastated” as a figure of speech and anthropomorphizing the owl. I add “click on the photos…” as instructions so viewers will know if they click on the “mosaic” of photos they can see the photos larger in a slide show.

      • Timothy, apologies for replying late. I saw the comment. I clicked on the pictures but still I did not know if Big Baby Owl was fine. Thank you for letting me know.

  9. When I get back to WordPress on Monday mornings, you never disappoint. πŸ™‚ Fun song, glad you survived the cat photoshoot, and of course, LOVED the baby owl. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  10. Let’s start with Spunk(ie-poo )πŸ’‹and that fact that I am happy you are still among us.
    I take it that he is not only gorgeous, but is named Spunk for good reason. Great shots of a beauty. Jeep wants an introduction!
    I wonder if the paw prints on your car are Spunk’s?
    The music is wonderful. The Irises are beyond gorgeous.
    POOR baby owl. Is it okay? Nature can be very tough love.
    Great post, Tim!

    • Thanks, Resa. Did you see all the comments and confusion with Holly and Marina thinking Spunk and Jeep have something going? Send me your best pics of Jeep, and I’ll give her a post.

      There’s a very good chance those were Spunk’s paw prints on my car.

      Big Baby Owl is fine. She flew over to a cottonwood across the irrigation ditch from the nest yesterday. She was really proud of herself.

      • Whew! Re: Baby Owl!
        Yes, I got emails about Spunk and Jeep!
        I spoke with her. She says, It’s on!”
        I showed her pics of Spunk, and she cleaned her mouth on the laptop screen corner.
        It’s looking good to me.
        Will send pics, tomorrow!
        I’ve got the drawing bug tonight!

      • Whenever it’s convenient. Matchmaking under Covid Cooties. It might just become a song.

      • I’m just headed out the door! Will probably select pics tonight, and send them tonight or tomorrow. Lol… Covid Cooties!

  11. All challenges met brilliantly… even the paw prints! πŸ˜‰ Joel’s Beat rocks – perfect paw prints / I’d leave them there! – Owls beautiful, Black Iris too and Spunk: best model ever! πŸ™‚
    If it’s any consolation, first day I went to wash my BLACK car [after lockdown], we got a 3 day Sahara desert dust cloud over us. Combined with the pollen, my poor car looked muddy yellow… sepia… no black in sight! πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Marina. The kitties can’t resist a clean car. Black is one of my favorite colors. I where all black all the time, I’ve made a couple of all black guitars, always have one or more black cats, but I don’t do black cars because they are never black out here with our dry, dusty conditions. The Soul Red on my MX-5 looks dusty rose most of the time, which isn’t objectionable, and definitely better than yellowish gray on black cars. It sounds like all you needed were some kitty prints to make your car look like art.

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