Mr. & Mrs. Owl

Mr. & Mrs. Owl sitting in a cottonwood across from their nest.

We walked down to check on the mama owl who’s been sitting in her nest for a little over a month. She and the daddy owl where sitting in a cottonwood across the irrigation ditch from their nest. Mr. Owl would hoot at Mrs. Owl and then she would peep. After he flew, I walked around to the other side of Mrs. Owl, and I could see she had something in the talons of her her left foot, but I could not make out what it was. She finally flew over to the nest and then we could see she had a gopher for her little ones. I expect we’ll start seeing the owlets poking their fuzzy heads up over the edge of the nest to look out at all the people standing on the ditch bank gawking at them in a couple of weeks.

Below is a short video of Mr. Owl hooting at Mrs. with wind and a pesky chainsaw in the background.


You can click on the photos in the group below to see each image enlarged:

Mrs. Owl in the nest with her ear tufts blowing in the wind.

51 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs. Owl

    • Thanks, Maj and Sher. We have all kinds of wildlife all around us. If you go to my WP site, there are links on the top menu to posts for the different critters and music. Under music as you scroll through the songs and music videos, you will find songs with the coyotes, frogs, cats, owls, badgers, butterflies, lizards, and probably a few other citters I’m forgetting about.

  1. Great video of the owls! This hasnโ€™t felt much like a โ€œnormal โ€œ spring, but Iโ€™m reminded it is for all but people… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Susan. While we are living la vida lockdown, the critters are starting to emerge after giving birth and hatching eggs. Like you said, life goes on as normal for the critters.

  2. La Vida Lockdown is really getting interesting. Thanks for your ongoing owl documentary. I may be out your way soon looking for the Lucy’s Warbler.

    • Thanks, Susan. Goog luck finding Lucy’s Warbler. It looks like they normally don’t come this far north, but apparently, their range has been growing so maybe you’ll see one. I’ll keep my eyes out.

    • Thanks, Harry. Although we live in the country, residential areas in the city are often more quite.

    • Hi puzzlblume. Sometimes they will be sitting close like that and hooting back and forth. They are so fun to watch. They will sit in different trees around the property and hoot back and forth all night.

  3. Thanks for this great post, Tim. I have never seen owls so close in nature. I have heard them making noises, that’s all. Great photographs!
    Last week I had an encounter with 3 young dears on my walk. But they were already out of sight when I tried to take a photograph…

    • You are welcome, Herman. Thanks for dropping by. Oh deer, you have to be quick to get those critters.

    • Thanks, Laurie. I always add credits to my videos. I like to acknowledge sources and get a final bit of humor in as well.

  4. Fantastic!!! โค โค โค I shared this with my good friend. I know she will love it too. I can't wait to see the babies! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You are welcome Nancy. Thanks, for stopping by. The pair to the north are not nesting in the same spot they did last year. Therefore, we only have this pair to flollow at the moment.

  5. OMG, what a stunning collection of owl poses. That’s fabulous, Tim. I got a kick out of the video credits. Seeing the moving action was lovely. In your next post seeing the twin mouths of the fish and the woman on the t-shirt was a riot. Sorry to leave both comments here. I got a slow start this morning and have to rush off.
    Hugs on owl wings.

  6. Your photos are just wonderful, Tim! Love them, and I adore the Owl video. Mr. Owl has that classic WHO WHO. Mrs. Owl seemed to mew, like a kitten.
    So, female owls don’t go WHO WHO, or do they?
    Sounds like they draw quite the crowd at the ditch bank.

  7. Great post! My wife and I did a lot of rehab work with owls years ago. They were frequently short-term guests in our house. It still amazes me that they can hoist-up sizable rabbits into a nest.

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