43 thoughts on “Pear Blossoms

  1. Oh!! My Tangle Heart Tree! She’s Gorgeous ! Lovely photographs Timothy. That beautiful owl is perfectly camouflaged! Thank you for the wonderful pics.

  2. Have you ever read The Good Earth? There’s a character in there toward the end named Pear Blossom. She’s a nice servant girl who attracts the attention of the main character.

  3. Thanks Tim, for sending these photos to keep us curious and thankful for the beauty in the world around us.

  4. I did NOT see the mama owl.
    If you had not add the caption, I would never had known.
    Great Camouflage!
    Do you have great eyes for finding hidden things, or did you see her going in and out of the nest?
    Her dark and light brown colors match that tree perfectly. Tell mama I’m impressed!

    • Hi Mary. I know where she’s nesting. But I’ve gotten [retty good and finding owls and other critters in the trees.

    • This is the same pair that has used this nest for thepast several years. Up until winter, we see the owlets, but when spring comes, and we only seem to see the same pair again. The pair of owls that were nesting in the cottwon to the north are not nesting it the same place this year. Apparently some raccoons got of in their nest and trashed it. Raccoons are the bandants they are made out to be.

      • Interesting!
        At least you know your owls. That’s the way of much of nature… this is my spot. Go forth and find your own!
        OMG… There are several restaurants around the corner from me. They have been closed for several weeks, and the raccoons food source has dried up. NOW, they fight on my rear roof every night, and eat the insulation from the copper piping. UGH!
        What a racket!

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