50 thoughts on “More Cats & Flowers

  1. Flowers and kitties are always a welcome sight! I love Marble’s coloring. I don’t see too many kitties like that. How long will Lola have her bandages? She seems to get around pretty well in spite of them.

    • Hi Lavinia. Lola will be bandaged for another two weeks. The vet wants her to be splined for 6 weeks. She gets around really well with it.

    • I don’t remember it’s name. I’m not much help, am I? They are supposed to be pink but come out orange in our alkaline soil. Thanks, Susan.

  2. Great scrapping photos! Marble has wonderful fur colourings. I bet you have to clean the kitties off before coming indoors… 😻

    • All the kitties go out, roll in the dirt and bring loads of dirt in the house. They get upset about us taking showers. They look at us like “Why don’t you just go out and roll in the dirt?” It works for them.

      • There were times when Guildenstern, who was a big black cat, would come in so covered with dirt that only the fir around his eyes were black. Then he’d flop down on the floor and a big pile of dirt would fall off him. He was the worse about bringing loads of dirt into the house. I use a shop vac with a big bag to vacuum the house. Sometimes it’s not easy to tell the difference between outside and inside between cats, yard work and gardening.

      • I get it, so much indoor and outdoor activity. Your old kitty must have been so wonderful. I use a handheld vacc around the house but it’s not much work since this is a pet-free house.

  3. Tim, your cats are all so gorgeous, and their different personalities show up even in photos. The flowers are lovely. Makes me smile. Spring & its beauty are coming in spike of the circulating virus. 📚🎶 Christine

  4. They are very beautiful your photos of flowers and I love your cats 💖. They are so cute. I am in love with your cats 😻. Kisses Timothy 💋

    • Thanks, Angelilie. All the kitties send you their love, kitty purrs and kitty kisses. Spunk loves beautiful women. He would melt in your arms if you cuddled and kissed him.

  5. What a great post!!!
    Marble is really beautiful in her spectacular fur coat. Lola… when does the cast come off? She seems to be doing well. Loki is looking, and looking good.
    Did my Spunkie-Poo 💋 win the wrestle?

    • Hi Resa. Lola’s splint comes off on the 15th. The vet will xray her paw to see if it has fused backtogether. Let’s hope.🤞I think the wrestle was a draw, but Spunk is a scrappy wrestler.

    • He thinks he’s top cat just because he’s the biggest cat. Although, he has a really dainty, girly meow.

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