Bugs & Bunnies

Glazed bunny cakelet

Before Covid-19 set upon us, Laurie and I got “Backyard Bugs” and “Bunny Cakelet” baking molds for Spring. Laurie made really good carrot cake bunny and bug cakelets, and a glaze to cover them with. She gave a couple of bunnies to her parents, and the bugs and a bunny to Tristan.

Dragonfly and bee cakelets
Glazed dragonfly, bee and bunny cakelets
Backyard bugs
Laurie testing the glaze
Bunny cakelets
Another view of the dragonfly and bee
Bunny Cakelet mold
Drone view of bunny cakelets

29 thoughts on “Bugs & Bunnies

    • Thanks, Susan. I’m trying to get Laurie to make chocolate bunnies or pound cake bunnies. I’m not a big fan of carrot cake, although these are really good.

  1. Lovely little things. Never seen such molds around here, but must have a look immedeately, online, of course, the shops for non-food goods are all on lockdown. Hope, we might get some wheat flour then …

    • Thanks, puzzleblume. The pans are Nordic Ware. I would think you could find them on Amazon.

      • Thank you, Timothy. Amazon is splitted in national sections like -.com, -.de, -it, -fr. … with great differences, but I will try. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks very delicious. Can you beam me some of the goodies with a Star Trek teleportation machine? I’m waiting right now with an espresso cup in my hand…

    • We really need transporters to beam stuff around. They would make the ultimate just-in-time delivery. Thanks, Herman.

    • Thanks, Couriers. My check up was good. I have a new mole, so that was biopsied on Saturday. Should get those results by the end of the week.

    • We both have angry beaver shirts. We have lots of angry beavers around here, because the Conservancy is always blowing up their dams. We wear our angry beaver shirts in solidarity with the beavers. Thanks, David.

    • Hi Resa. I looked and found single cat cake molds, Hello Kitty shaped bunt pans like the bunnies and bugs pan, and silicone molds to make chocolate kitties. I did not see a set of cut kitties in different positions like the bunnies. We also have a pan to make classic car cakes. Laurie made chocolate cake bugs, bunnies and cars, and a pan of “Yummy Bugs” with candy sprinkles.

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