40 thoughts on “A Little Snow Today

    • H Lavinia, It was warm, in the mid 60’s, yesturday. Cold and snow today. The forecast is for clear and cold tomorrow.

  1. I like the 1960 photo! Was born that year too. Love the snow shark, I think it resembles an aircraft vertical tail wing popping from the clouds. The dog prints are cute, and why is Chili spelt that way?

    • Thanks, John. You are close to my age. You don’t see hood ornaments much these days. Those are kitty prints, and that’s the proper way to spell chile. It refers to the fruit/vegetable, not the dish.

    • Thanks, Robin. It’s nice to get a lttle snow that doesn’t stick on the roads but provides a bit of moisture for the plants.

  2. Excellent, a little moisture at least. It was cold and rained nearly all day here, but no snow. Although I could see it on some of the mountains (the Sacrementos I guess). Loved the snow shark. Hugs!

    • Hi Teagan. That’s nice you got rain. The Sandias were white and pretty, but I didn’t want to monuever through the mud on the ditch bank to go out and photograph them. I like the snow shark. Fun with a hood ornament.

      • That’s the New Mexico way. There have times it was raining hard on the north side of our office and sunny on the south side. One day when it was raining hard at the house, Silver kept going back and forth between the deck on the east side of the house and the front door on the west side to see if was still raining on both sides of the house. Some people might think he’s a silly cat, but he was being totally reasonable in his kitty presumptions.

  3. I don’t have to tell you we’ve had no snow here in Florida so I really love seeing photographs of what the rest of the country is seeing. It’s really beautiful from here Timothy.

    • Thanks, Couriers. BTW I do visit your blog, but I’m unable to like or comment. Tried different browsers, but WP just hangs when I try to login.

      • The problem seems particularly bad with self-hosted sites, but it’s a problem on many sites, including my own. I can log into WP from the general login, go to the Reader or Admin pages, but it I go to my own page it shows me as logged out and won’t let me login when on my own page. Same thing happens with your site and many others. It’s really frustrating.

    • Thanks, Julie. There is a lot of beauty with snow, but if you have to conduct daily life in and around it, it’s not much fun. Stay warm.

  4. It iced for most of the day on Monday before it eventually turned to snow in the late afternoon. We received about four inches Monday night. It was mostly overcast on Tuesday. It was 4 above this morning; tonight is expected to be about the same temp wise.

    The Rambler, that must be the trunk.

    • We were in the mid 60s on Monday, snow all day yesterday, but only a 1/4 to 1/2 half inch stuck at our house. It was 10ºF this morning at our hose, and I didn’t think the temp has risen above freezing yet today.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. I don’t know if the kitties want boots or not. They like to play in the snow.

  5. Too, much snow here. On Monday it’s going up just above freezing, so we’ll get a slush field, and then a dangerous ice rink when the temperature falls at night.
    ice paw prints! No Spunk prints, huh? Is he snow shy?

  6. We had just a bit of snow here in Western North Carolina a few days ago – More on the way tonight. As long as I don’t have to shovel it, I’m okay with it. 😉

    • I never shovel snow because I have 1500 feet of road I own and maintain. We just plow through the snow in our cars. I do have the push snow off the canopy over out deck, which is a lot of work, and I sweep one porch and steps. Fortunately, we don’t get much snow in the valley.

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