32 thoughts on “Wired

    • I told Spunk you were in love with him and showed him the photo of you in the wild blue leggings, and he was awestruck. He would love to melt in your arms.

      • There was a noise at the window. Spunk ran up to the window and was watching something. I got a flashlight and shined it through the window. There was a skunk blowing kisses to Spunk.

      • Spunk has been skunked more than once. So has Silver. When dogs get sprayed by skunks they stink for weeks. Silver and Spunk both smelled like their normal selves a few hours later.

    • Thanks, John. We have 7 cats. Spunk is a wild, destructive, psycho kitty with excess personality. We love him dearly.

    • Hi Lavinia, as I mentioned to Bruce Spunk was simply getting charged up. He’s been running laps around the house most of the night.

  1. I read that Spunk is a cat with a strong personality. EOS who shared my life until 18 months ago was “tortoise shell” with a strong personality too. We always got along perfectly and it was his not excessive, but strong personality that I liked. In addition, she was also very resilient. I loved him so much
    ps: I see Spunk that you like “to be up to date”, be careful not to take a spark …

    • Hi Tiffany. Fortunately, the cats haven’t been chewing cords as they’ve gotten older. Spunk ruined a couple of charging cables in the past.

  2. It looks like Spunk is still pretty spunky and can find enough trouble to get into 🙂 Kitties look so sweet when they are sleeping! (It fools us into forgetting how much of a handful they are when they are awake)

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