34 thoughts on “Swan Dive

    • Hi Resa. They are Sandhill Cranes. I post quite a lot of photos of them. Yes they fly way up north. Their range includes Toronto during the breeding season, but they may stay outside the urban area. Some of them take up permanent residence in Florida. Holly said she sees them quite often.

      • We pretty much have to go to the coast to see them. They love the marsh lands there. You are right they are a blessing. Love J

      • Thousands of cranes go down to Bosque del Apache 100 miles south of us on the Rio Grande, but hundreds of them stay close by where we see them every day and can go out and interact with them to some extent.

      • That would be amazing. You really do live in such rich beauty. It is always such a treat to be close to cranes or herons for us. I can’t imagine being able to interact with them. You are truly blessed to live where you do. I bet it is quiet there too. Have an amazing day. Love 💕 Joni

      • Surprisingly, it’s generally not very quiet. We get temperture inversions that bounce the sound from the Interstate, trains and the casino on the Santa Ana Pueblo to us. I love the train sounds, and sometimes it sounds like they are on the ditch bank behind the house when its across the river about 1/2 a mile away. Interstate-25 can be really noisy with all the traffic, especially early in the mornings, and often we can hear the concerts from the casino’s amphitheater crystal clear.

  1. Oh shoot that is too bad. I pictured this amazing quiet with the exception of the birds that nest in your trees and those who you photograph close to the river. Well it is an still an amazing place. I too, like the sound of a train. Sending you something later today. Love to you both. 💕Joni

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