24 thoughts on “Stop & Go

      • I think that is a clever and fitting name for our film industry. There’s a lot of filming going on. They have one or two sections of streets closed downtown every week filming TV shows and movies. Netflix was buying or at least moving into the production studios south of the airport. I haven’t paid close enoght attention to what the status of that deal is.

  1. Pronounced Tuh-Mall-E-Wood. Just like Hollywood in L.A. and Bollywood in India, Tamalewood is the new nickname for the Film Industry in New Mexico. A tamale is a type of New Mexican food, fyi.

    • I and most everone who lives in New Mexico eats a lot of tamales. Thus Tamalewood. Thanks, Harry.

  2. My eyes went right to the 10 k on the scissor lift and the boxish thing (a portolet?)
    Then, after befuddlement.. I saw the light!(s)

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