Trees at Sunset

Holly’s Tangle-Heart Tree
Cool clouds over the levee and bosque.
Susan’s Tree, Teagan’s Trees, Robin’s Tree, and the unclaimed Tree. There’s an owl in Teagan’s Tree.
Teagan’s Tree with an owl perched in it.

Below is a closer shot of the owl in Teagan’s Tree. The owl flying over us as we walked towards it on the ditch bank. The owl landed in a tree behind me along the ditch bank. Two closeups of the owl.

38 thoughts on “Trees at Sunset

  1. These scenes are really pleasing to look at. I love those pink and lavender lenticular clouds!

    Teagan’s tree and visiting owl would make a great start to one of her stories!

    • Hi Lavinia. I’m sure this tree, especially with the owl, has Teagan’s creative gears turning.

  2. These really are breathtaking, Tim. The dirt road and the pink clouds above it, I like them most. This place you live has such an interesting character, it gives you a different view every time if you only just slightly shift the angle a little bit.

    • Thanks, Dot. You are very observant. Yes. The views, character, atmosphere all change greatly from day to day and then each direction I look will be completely different on any given day.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. Did you see the dragon in the clouds of my header image? No one but Laurie noticed it in the photos I posted the other day. Or if they did, no one mentioned it.

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