Trees for Teagan

This photo is of two old gnarly Cottonwoods behind the shed. They are very difficult to photograph individually, so these come as a pair.

Teagan, of Teagan’s Books, and I have been following each other for years, and for some reason, Teagan had not claimed a tree. Here are the remaining cottonwoods on the property and a Blues Spruce she can choose from. If none of these seem fitting, there are a lot more trees in the bosque.

Dwarf Blue Spruce on the north side of the house. It was a tiny tree when we planted in in 2001.
This is an old Cotton by the 280 ZX. A lot of branches have broken off of it over the years, leaving it sinuous and sparse. This is a view of it looking south.
This is a view of the 280 ZX tree looking east.
This is the young Cottonwood look south. It gets obscured in winter by all the other trees around it.
You cottonwood and Dot’s Black Bamboo looking west.
Young cottonwood looking west.