Trees for Teagan

This photo is of two old gnarly Cottonwoods behind the shed. They are very difficult to photograph individually, so these come as a pair.

Teagan, of Teagan’s Books, and I have been following each other for years, and for some reason, Teagan had not claimed a tree. Here are the remaining cottonwoods on the property and a Blues Spruce she can choose from. If none of these seem fitting, there are a lot more trees in the bosque.

Dwarf Blue Spruce on the north side of the house. It was a tiny tree when we planted in in 2001.
This is an old Cotton by the 280 ZX. A lot of branches have broken off of it over the years, leaving it sinuous and sparse. This is a view of it looking south.
This is a view of the 280 ZX tree looking east.
This is the young Cottonwood look south. It gets obscured in winter by all the other trees around it.
You cottonwood and Dot’s Black Bamboo looking west.
Young cottonwood looking west.

84 thoughts on “Trees for Teagan

  1. Horsefeathers….. WordPress is really messing with me. I still didn’t get a comment box — although I do on your other posts. And it wouldn’t let me switch to “view in Reader” although I do on your other posts… but I spotted a link to comments at the top of the post and got here. As I was saying elsewhere, all of these are beautiful and a very difficult decision. Particularly since you included that magical blue spruce. But those two supremely gnarly trees call to me. I claim them, Tim. Thanks so much! Hugs on the wing.

  2. Tim, glad everyone is having WP trouble. Some Blog posts don’t show a comment section. Some I must log in and still can’t like or comment. Resa’s site one of them. Not able to like your posts, but can make a comment, today Yippee. Just wondering, can I ask for a tree, without an invitation? I really like the Dwarf Blue Spruce. It’s beautiful. Reminds me of my kid hood in Maine. And Teagan didn’t take it. Trees are so expressive. You live in a beautiful place. 📚🎶 Christine

    • Hi Christine. Gloria likes the Blue Spruce, so I told her she could have it if she wants it. She hasn’t answered. If she doesn’t claim it you can have it, but I’m thinking she will take it. There are still two cottonwoods on the property or I can find some bosque trees for you. There are a couple of evergreens in the bosque. I’m not sure where they came from.

      • Wow, thanks Tim. I’m sure Gloria will take the Blue Spruce. But, if not, I’d love it. An evergreen would be wonderful too. Another reminder of Maine. If all fails. You know me pretty well, suggest a cottonwood or bosque you think would fit. Maybe a tree that would be unique with a sunset in back of it. You know me from Before Sundown remember what made you smile., and the Welcome page filled with sunsets from blogger friends all over the world. 📚🎶 Christine

      • A tree along the ditch would be good for a sunset background. I’ll find you some good samples to choose from.

  3. Your trees are all so full of natural beauty, Tim. And like the animals under your care, they brim with free spirit. One feels accepted simply watching them being the way they are. I regret I procrastinated coming to WP for too long, and joining your club so late. One can feel all the love and fun here. Thanks for providing a warm home in the blogoshere 🐱🦜🐍

    • Using the old cliché “better late than never”. I’m so happy you joined the blogosphere, Dot. I love your writing and Chinese stories full of wisdom and meaning. And I really love your Blue kitten sketches.

      • I have a bambo stand by the main irrigation ditch. It’s not fancy bamboo like the black bamboo. It turns yellow in winter, but it’s a pretty green in the summer. I’ll do a photo of it when I go out to get more tree photos for Christine. You can always go for a fruit tree if you don’t want a cottonwood. I have a peach and nectarine that have interesting shapes.

      • I’ll include a photo of the firut trees in the trees for you and Christine in tomorrow’s post.

      • I like how you made use of the magical powers in the Tangle-Heart Tree and Resa’s tree to make it home in your fabulous adventures saving the art gown models.

      • Without the magical Tangle-Heart and Resa’s tree the Mermaids would be bound to the sea forever! Thank you so much Tim, we need all the help we can get and you are super.

      • You are too kind and give me too much credit. Thank you, Holly. But you had to fight the dragon and do all the transporting around. You are the beautiful superhero here. Besides, you rode Route 66 on a motorcycle in real life. I’m forever impressed with that.

      • Oh, Tim, you are so amazing. Without Resa, you, the Trees, and Hyperion PBH would just be a figment. I did ride 66 on a Harley and I didn’t even kill myself so yes, yay for me!! 🙂

  4. I would have picked Great Gnarly. Perfect pick for Teagan!
    So glad Holly and I got in early on this tree picking thing. I have a feeling you might run out of trees!

    • Hi Resa. Dot claimed the bamboo, and then Nancy wanted it. Christine wanted the Blue Spruce, but I already offered it to Gloria. There’s competition for the trees now. I’m down to one unclaimed cottonwood on the property. You were the second person to ask for a tree.

      • HA! I knew this tree thing was going to take off.
        You could offer shrubs? I know, it’s not the same.
        Anyway… Mine is spectacular & Holly’s is magic and I hope you get the rest of the tree choices straightened out with the girls.
        It’s all so cool!!!!!

      • I have a few trees that I think will make Christine happy. I don’t know if Nancy is interested in anything else. I do have some interesting fruit trees I might put on offer.

  5. It’s always nice to meet another fan of Teagan, especially one with an interesting twist. I love the trees and the idea of matching them up with people. I also really like the image of the Atonement graveyard.

  6. I came here from Teagan’s place. I love the trees but also had a 280ZX. A story you might like. I was driving through Ohio (speeding) and was pulled over by a state trooper. He was interested in the “talking car” and asked for a demo. I did the “door is open,” and a few others. (I had the female voice and she could be quite frantic) After the demo, he said, “It’s too bad she doesn’t say,’ You are going too fast.”‘ We had a laugh and he let me go with a warning. I think the idea of allowing folks to pick a tree is unique and fascinating. Enjoyed the visit.

    • Hi John. That’s a great story. Mia, who is no longer blogging, started it all by claiming a tree that ended up in many of my photographs. She would comment “Is that my tree?” it a photo that included the her tree, although her tree was not the main subject. I started calling it Mia’s tree. Then Resa wanted a tree, and it’s unfolded from there. Claiming trees is a nice way to connect and share in the community. People can relate to the photos better when it’s their trees that are pictured.

  7. What a lovely idea, Tim…Trees hold a fascination for me the older and more knarled the better…My view is of coconut palms and banana trees although beautiful they never get that stark beauty of a cottonwood when it has dropped its leaves…Pleased I dropped over from Teagans blog such lovely trees and even bamboo which is plentiful here…:)

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