La Llorona

I haven’t posted a parody in quite a long time. I’m sure there are many people who think it would be just fine if I never posted another parody. But life presses on, and I love making parodies, so another one has come to fruition. Besides, I could not let this opportunity for a parody pass me by.

It all started on New Years Day when Wade came over for black eyed peas. We prepare and eat black eyed peas every New Years Day for good luck (Laurie does most of the cooking). Wade and I went for a walk to Beaver point. Wade had never been to the river in Corrales, and he noticed the jetties along the riverbank. He commented that the river bank looked like Normandy with the large, jacks-shaped iron jetties along the edge of the river.

While I was explaining how the jetties were installed by the Conservancy for flood control, I pointed out a knot in one of the large cables that used to run through a line of jetties. I explained that La Llorona was the only one around here who had enough strength to tie a knot in a 1 1/4 steel cable. Wade asked “Who? I’ve never hear of La Llorona. Is she like ‘My Sharona?'” I sad no, but realized at that moment that La Llorona was a perfect parody for “My Sharona”. You may know the song by The Knack? I was surprised I hadn’t put La Llorona and “My Sharona” together before now. It’s such and obvious fit. I wrote the lyrics and recorded the parody to The Knack’s music the next day. But it took a lot of thinking before I came up with an idea for a video.

It might have been right around Epiphany that I had an epiphany to employ Lego® figurines for La Llorona and her children. I knew we still had a lot of Legos out in the infinite shed of doom, so I plunged in and found some Lego figurines that were more that happy to play the parts. I also used photos of Muertas from Albuquerque’s annual Dia de los Muertos Marigold Parade in the video.

La Llorona

Lyrics: Timothy Price
Music: The Knack
Vocals AWB

Ooo, she lost her little ones, her little ones
When she drowned them in the ditch, la Llorona!
Ooo, then she tried to run, tried to run
Turned around and killed herself, la Llorona.

Never stops looking, gave them up, crying all the time
She can’t give them up, her wet embrace will break your spine
Cry, cry, cry, cry-cry, woo!

L-l-l-la Llorona

Come a little closer, she drown you in the ditch
Close enough to scratch your eyes, la Llorona
She is a mystery, always crying, look and see
Running down the ditch she shrieks on high, Llorona

Never stops looking, gave them up, crying all the time
She can’t give them up, her wet embrace will break your spine
Cry, cry, cry, cry-cry, woo!

L-l-l-la Llorona
L-l-l-la Llorona (Yeah!)

When’s she going to give it up, give it up
She’s just crying all the time, la Llorona
Is it just infanticide, infanticide
Or is it murder in your mind, Llorona?

Never stops looking, gave them up, crying all the time
She can’t give them up, her wet embrace will break your spine
Cry, cry, cry, cry-cry, woo!
C-c-c-c-c-c-c-cry, cry, cry, cry-cry, woo!

L-l-l-la Llorona
L-l-l-la Llorona
L-l-l-la Llorona
L-l-l-la Llorona

Aaaaah-oooh, la Llorona
Aaaaah-oooh, la Llorona
Aaaaah-oooh, la Llorona

Here’s some “My Sharona” trivia: “My Sharona”  was recorded in a single take in the studio and released on the album “Get The Knack” in June 1979. It sold over a half a million copies in record time for the 70s, and became the fastest Capital Record debut to reach gold since the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in 1964.

38 thoughts on “La Llorona

  1. Very well done, Timothy.
    I remember you telling me about la Llorona.
    My Sharona is perfect for it! I adore parody. I suppose PBH is a parody of all Super Heroes.
    I love My Sharona! It’s a great hair shaker!
    The trivia is really neat. Thank you!!

  2. Wow, Tim, I’m almost speechless with the complexity and creativity of this one…the LEGO characters thought of, photographed, photoshopped…the Bosque pics…the Dia de los Muertos pics…the lyrics and recording…putting it all together in a video…Yeah, I am pretty speechless with what you have accomplished with this one. 🙂 Definitely impressive creativity1

    • Thanks, Susan. The lyrics and music were pretty easy because it all fit so well. I was stripping brain gears coming up with an idea for the video.

    • Thanks, Ron. They sure are. And la Llorona has been used to scare kids into keeping away from ditches for years.

  3. Oh yes, I remember that song and I guess it made me go dancing on the dancing floor too… Glad the AWB used it for another great cover. The melodie will remain in my mind the rest of the day.

  4. Tim, you make amazing photos, you write nice songs, you write, and that property of yours…. I don’t know you but am glad to meet you. You’re simply amazing and fun to read. ❤✌👍

  5. I let it play over and over while going about morning rituals. Something about it makes me feel happy; and the way you let the Lego figurines play the parts makes me laugh. The enjoyment and happiness you had in you while making it are vivid and contagious. Life presses on, but having such high spirit and the adept means to share it is truly a blessing 🐾

    • Thank you, Dot. I’m really happy you are enjoying the parody. It’s a catchy tune and fun to listen to. I did enjoy making the video. Once I came up with the idea to use the Lego figurines everything fell together.

    • Laughing is the proper response. Dark humor is the intent. La Llorona fit so perfectly to the song. I always liked My Sharona. It’s so catchy. Thanks, Tiffany.

  6. My TDS Internet service is triple stink today about dropping my connection… I’ve been trying to say… Between My Sharona and “the infinite shed of doom” I was on the hook. Such fun with my morning coffee! Hugs

  7. Wow, Tim! First I have to say that I had fun with your parody. Second and most important: it makes me happy to be in touch with a mind as creative as yours 🙂

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