Two Owls, A Pterodactyl in the Tangle-Heart Tree

Pterodactyl (Great Blue Heron) perched on the Tangle-Heart Tree.

While I was out in the bosque at sunset, I saw two owls in a cottonwood, and a pterodactyl (Great Blue Heron) in the Tangle-Heart Tree. I also photographed cranes against a colored sky, and two ducks in the dark.

Great Horned Owl in a cottonwood.
Pterodactyl flying, framed by the end of the Tangle-Heart tree.
Cranes against the colored sky.
Great Horned Owl on a branch above the first owl.
Male Mallard. Mr. Duck in the dark.
Female Mallard. Mrs. Duck in the dark.

24 thoughts on “Two Owls, A Pterodactyl in the Tangle-Heart Tree

  1. That tree always grabs my attention… I just love it! And now add a Crane. I’m in awe.

    And you know how much I love your Owls.

    Happy Day to you!

    • Hi Tiffany. When we were in San Diego at the Maritime Museum a great blue heron was perched on on of the boat’s ropes fishing. I got photos of it but never posted them.

  2. Fabulous! That Tangle Heart just keeps on giving!
    I need to finish my homework for the acct., but will post the final episode of PBH after that. I finished the last drawing late last night, to live music.
    I’m using a previous pic that you sent in the post. I’ve begun etching it in, but there is still lots to do. There is a whole bit I need to iron out that involves dragons.

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