Mustangs in Love


Sunrise from the parking structure.

These two Ford Mustangs seem to be a couple as this is the second time I have seen them parked together.

We had a beautiful sunset tonight.




35 thoughts on “Mustangs in Love

  1. The colours in the photographs are amazing, Tim. The sunset was indeed very beautiful.
    Always loved the Mustang cars, definitely my favourite American car. My best friend used to own an old Mustang convertible. He bought it after he sold his Apple shares (much too soon, unfortunately…).

    • Thanks, Herman. If your friend held on to those Apple staocks, he could have afforded a nice collection of Mustangs.

      • So true, he would have been a millionaire. He sold the Apple stocks a few months before Steve Jobs came back as CEO for the second time and released the iPod, iPhone, iPad…

      • It’s hard to guess what will become of a company. The iPod was brilliant. Before it came out I had a setup to record late night radio shows for Laurie on cassette tape. I got her an iPod early on and set up the computer to record the shows, and put them on the iPod. Then they came out with Podcasts. Which made thinks so much easier. We went through 3 or 4 versions of iPods before we got iPhones.

    • My dad owned a 1965 Mustang. He was aiming for a 1964-and-a-half model, but Ford didn’t make too many of the introductory build, coming halfway through the model year. The engine package was a 287 V-8, one of the best engines Ford ever made. Horsepower, I believe, was around 250. The Shelby version had a larger engine package, different transmission, since it was a true muscle car build. Ford also had a smaller V-6 engine package, definitely under-powered when compared to the V-8.

      When Ford made the Mustang a larger car, my dad said they ruined the car. It was never the same car. Ford tried to recapture the Mustang allure with the Mustang II build, which was built on the Ford Pinto chassis. They eventually ended the Mustang line when Mustang II did not catch on. When Ford decided to bring back the Mustang, they envisioned in rebuilding the 287 V-8 engine package, updated with fuel injection and other tweaks you would find in modern engines.

      If I had choose which version, it would an original Mustang, pre-1968 with a 287 V-8. I might to go to a slavage yard to find one. (My dad, he sold his Mustang for a 1970 Pontiac LeMans had 454 V-8 Buick engine. Good engine, but ate through radiators … which seems to be common among GM engines.)


      • Personlly, I never liked Mastangs very much. I had friends who’s parents had 65 and 66 models, and in the 70’s a friend bought a Mustang II. Terrible car. Ford seems to have made a pretty good comeback with the recent versions of the Mustangs. They offer some decent performance packages.

      • I have a rental car at the moment. I scrape Ice off the windows in the morning, get in, start it up, and it gives me a warning with the messages “Baby it’s cold outside!” I’m like this AI is really stupid. It thinks I can’t tell it’s freaking freezing outside after I just got frostbite scraping ice off the windows? A lot of newer cars are simply the nanny state on wheels.

      • Ha! Maybe it’s for the odd one who is still intoxicated from the night before? I suppose these will become standard things in cars soon? Maybe they will allow one to take the driving test through a computer eventually? Humph!
        My first car didn’t have window de-icers, carpets, a heater, mesh-gears, air-bags, air-brakes, fog lights or a radio! But I did know when it was freezing!
        TTFN ski

      • AI is all over cars. They have sensors that tell you when a car is in your blind spot (I like that feature), tell you when you are about to back into somthing, slow you down when you get too close to the car in front of you, and all kinds of stuff. Nanny, nanny, nanny these cars are. And yet people still run into eachother.

      • I’ve not driven for a few years now, Tim. So don’t keep up with things so much. Surprised at all these ‘extras’ in em nowadays. Robot cars? I thjimnk are available now. Amazing, but what’s the fun?

      • There are lots of self driving cars now. The company that makes 90% of the sensors that are used in cars all over the world is located here in Albuquerque. I heard one of their managers speak about the company, the technology and the competition. Very interesting. He thought before self driving cars will really take hold, all of us old foggies who like to drive will have to die off.

      • I wouldn’t be keen on the idea of driving one. In fact I wouldn’t dare.
        I hope they sensors are reliable, what would happen if a serious fatal crash happened – Lawyers make-happy time?
        I’m with you on thisd one, Tim.

  2. I don’t know about being in love. The mutual admiration by the car owners, that’s another story. 🙂

    The Mustang on the left appears to be in the process of being repaired/restored. It is missing the entire grill assembly (w/emblem), lower grill assembly, and other trim pieces. Also, it is in need of a new paint job with a clear coat finish.

    • Hi David. I think the one on the left is pretty much how the owner wants it. I think the flat black paint is intentional. There’s a lot of details my phone is not pickup up well under the parking lot lights.

  3. Hahaha! As I scrolled down I was expecting to see 2 wild horses.You are very good at the … double entendre…. if that’s the correct term.
    That sky is phenomenal! Great shots, Tim.

  4. I have seen similar scenes. Sometimes Jeep lovers park their Jeeps next to other Jeeps & so on. “Birds of a feather…” park together? : ) Man they are pretty. Drool is glistening in the sun. The one on the left looks extra mean & nice! Do those adjectives pair together

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