25 thoughts on “Moon, Jupiter, Tangleheart Tree

    • Thanks, Holly. All the other shots I did trying to get the shot are blurry and shaky. I had to under expose the photo by several stops, and work with it a lot in Camera raw to get a viewable image. I happy you like it. That’s one of my favorite trees along the levee.

    • Hi Holly. Resa mentioned that the Tangleheart Tree made her think of you. The Tangleheart tree is up for grabs if you would like to claim it, and have a tree like Resa and Mia. We were just out looking at the moon and Saturn framed by the Tangleheart Tree. The scene was beautiful, and, indeed, the tree would suit you very well.

      • Tim you are so kind and generous and that this lovely tree brought me to Resa’s mind and you are willing to allow me to claim it I do put my mark on the tangles of heart shaped limbs outlined by the purple sky. Thank you dear Friend. I’m truly thrilled and honored.

      • You now have a Tangleheart tree for your House of Heart. The tree will be very happy well I tell it you claimed it.

    • Hi Resa. The Tangle heart tree is a dead cottonwood in the bosque close to the levee. I call it “tangle heart” because of it has a gnarly heart shape when we stand north of it looking south. Holly can claim it if she wants a tree.

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