44 thoughts on “Silver Stalking in the Shadows

  1. Great photos and such a contrast with the totally relaxed Silver you showed us the other day! All the muscles are rippling here. Beautiful!

    • Thanks, Susan. Silver’s the one how brings bunnies and gophers in the house for me to chase around to put them out.

    • Hi Lavinia. The sun was on the horizon with a few rays slipping between the trees giving Silver and silver lining.

  2. Silver is beautiful! I have a black cat, green eyes, Bajeera…he’s small for a male. Cats are totally fascinating and very smart creatures. Great photographs Tim, thanks for sharing them.

    • Hi Resa. Silver is big and strong, but he has a little, high pitched meow. His meow is not not fitting of his size. Our old Guidenstern was the same way — a huge cat with a little meow.

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