Resa’s Tree in Morning Light

Resa’s Tree looking north.

I was thinking that Resa’s tree might turn all yellow before turning brown; however, we had a har frost last night that turned the lower leaves brown. Many of the trees in the bosque that were yellow last night turned brown today.

Resa’s Tree looking northeast.
Resa’s tree backlit looking east.
Sandias reflecting
Cottonwood in the bosque that still has a yellow on top.

25 thoughts on “Resa’s Tree in Morning Light

  1. What beautiful photos of a beautiful afternoon on the Bosque. It’s a very special place, with the river, mountains, trees, sunlight, birds and other critters, and people, all sharing the beautiful day.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. We had really nice sunny days Saturday and Sunday. This morning it was cloudy and rainy, but now it’s clearing up and will be sunny again.

  2. You live in such a beautiful place Tim. Thanks for sharing it with us all. The Sanias look impressive ad Resa’stree has so much character.

  3. It’s strange how quickly that can happen. Ginkgo trees are similarly abrupt – once they turn yellow they seem able to drop almost every leaf overnight.

    These are all very beautiful – so evidently so that I hardly need to say it, but just couldn’t help myself!

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