38 thoughts on “Another Bout of Cater-Mortis

  1. When I saw the title I thought, “Silver must be in one of the images.” He IS the image… 🙂 ))))))

    • He was enjoying the warm countertop. I had a heater on underneath the counter. Thanks, Victoria.

  2. Sigh… WordPress is making it so hard for me to leave comments. I’ve tried three different ways for this one…
    But I loved this of Silver and had to persevere. 🐱
    So no white spots at all? Silver is silver through and through. Happy Caturday, Tim. Hugs.

    • It’s to the point I can only leave comments and Like posts through the WP Reader for most bogs. If I have to go to a blog site outside the WP Reader to comment and Like, WP doesn’t allow me to Like the posts, and most of the time if I write comments, it won’t post the comments. Extremely frustrating.

    • He was enjoying the warm countertop after a hard day playing outside. Laurie’s parents gives us the old Sunday funnies. We were catching up on the funnies while Silver was catching some Zs. Thanks, Lavinia.

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