Wildflowers @ 11,000 Feet


With it 100º F (37.8º C) at our house, we hopped in the Mazda Miata MX-5, put the top down and headed for the hills — well Sandia Crest at 11,000 feet (3352.8 meters) above sea level. The drive to the top was a blast as the MX-5 hugged the corners well above the posted speed limit. We could see the clouds swirling above us, and hear the birds singing with the top down, as rounded one hairpin turn after another on our way to the top. Once at the top of the Crest, the temperature was 55º F (12.8º C) with drizzling rain and cold wind. Quite a contrast from the sunny, hot valley below. We walked around on the mountain top and noticed there were lots of wild flowers blooming.










42 thoughts on “Wildflowers @ 11,000 Feet

      • I live at maybe 100 so it takes a little acclimation. I certainly felt the affects ar Pikes Peak about a year ago. 🙂

      • Pikes Peak is a little over 14k feet. That’s high enough for someone from 100 feet to experience altitude sickness.

      • Indeed. I sipped Gatorade and Propel days before to help but still felt a little difficulty. Even staying a few days in 10,000 provided some challenges at night. I even tried the oxygen bar a couple of times. 😀

  1. Wow Tim I had this vision of Bond driving fast in the mountains to the top. 😊 I cant decide which I love most of these wildflowers. The purples are stunning and the orange so sweet. I love wildflowers. Happy weekend to you 💜🧡

    • HI Tiffany. I’ve been to Jerome many times. The Jerome area would be a blast in my MX-5. Years ago I was there in my Renault Le Car. Do you remember Le Cars? It did really well on winding roads.

      • My Le Car had a sun roof that was a canvas top that pushed back and opened up most of the roof. It was really nice driving it in the mountains with the top open.

    • Thanks, Lavinia! It really is. We live in the rain shadow, so don’t see how different it is on the other side,

  2. What a very clever idea to get into your new toy and escape the heat. Wish we could do that at the moment but we don’t have heights like that around here.

    • You would like the drive, especially if you like looking at clouds. Thanks, Resa.

      • Laurie usually gets carsick on switchbacks, but the MX-5 hugs the road so closely, we didn’t feel any G’s on the corners. Laurie didn’t didn’t get motion sickness. Which reminds me, when we drove from Florence, Italy to Sienna, Italy in a rental car, I took the scenic route. It was only 75 Kms or so, but Laurie and Tristan were fit to be tied over all the corners and switchbacks that made them both carsick.

  3. Someone else commented that it’s another world up there. My thoughts exactly. That’s almost twice as high as Australia’s highest mountain. You’ve captured a botanical wonderland.

  4. What is the flower that is blue and purple? Spectacular columbine! Wonderful flower images and views from up in the Sandias. Your sporty new car looks so cute in the parking lot. 🙂

    • Hi Susan. I don’t know what it is, but the purple are the fresh petals and the blue are the aged, wilting petals.

  5. My jaw just dropped. I’ve been so very behind on reading my favorite blogs (yours included) and am so glad I went backwards to find this post! Mountains are my absolute favorite scenery and you just knocked my socks off with that view!

    Wow wow wow. Sounds (and looks) like the perfect day to me! So glad you shared this one 🙂

      • I got caught up in work a little too much. Covid had slowed down things a bit but not by much. Businesses are going to be picking up hopefully. Then it’s back to the grind.

      • Yup I just miss every day things. I miss shopping and just walking down the street … Which is bizzare but this is the new reality. Stay safe 💞😚 and healthy.

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