New Hammock

Sasha was the first kitty to try out the new hammock. Here she is seen through the threadbare old hammock.

I finally replaced the hammock, before the kitties wore it out completely, and before it gave way and a kitty fell through it. I started to replace it last week, but Loki kept attacking me and would not let me take the old one down. I took the old hammock down, threaded the rope through a new beanbag, and hung up the new hammock while Loki was outside pussyfooting around.


Loki: “I say. I say there. Go away there boy, You’re bothering me!” Loki hammocking in the new hammock, miffed that I made him to look at the camera.

Urban Sunbath


When I walked by the grocery store behind our office just after sunrise the other morning, there was a woman wearing short shorts and a bra top spreading a beach towel in one of the nooks on the east side of the grocery store that’s behind our office. About an hour later when I walked over to the grocery store, I noticed the woman’s legs sticking out of the nook, soaking up the sun. When I walked by, she was putting on sunscreen and chatting with a street person who had joined her.

We always have strange people hanging around the alley behind the office. This afternoon, when Bruce and I walked out the back door into the ally, a woman passing by turned and yelled “Is that your cologne I smell?” We turned and, in unison, answered “No!” (neither of us wear cologne). She was standing right next to one of the grease bins where the restaurants throw their fry grease. Either we were emitting high concentrations of masculine pheromones that she mistook for cologne. Or our masculine pheromones mixed so well with the foul odor from the grease bins that she thought she got a whiff of cologne. She may find the foul scent of “Ode de Grease Trap” appealing. Or, most likely, she thought we stank, and it was her way of politely telling us how rank we were by asking if it was our cologne.

Common Black Hawk


I was walking out to the bosque when I saw a large bird in the distance. I could not tell what it was backlit against the sky, but the white band on the tail was easy to see, which made me think it might be a Bald Eagle. However, when I enlarged to photos on the computer, I could see it was not a Bald Eagle. By the size, dark color and the two white bands on the tail, I thought it was a Harris’ Hawk with a snake. However, Susan Hunter pointed out it’s a Common Black Hawk.







WKWE Presents


World Kitty Wrestling Entertainment is back with Spunk the Spartan versus Silver the Slammer. Spunk has Silver in a full body press seated senton. Referee Loki looks on.


Silver is holding tight as Spunk tries a skin the cat under forearm stink face to roll Sliver over. Ref Loki is getting distracted.


Oh no, the skin the cat under forearm stink face fails, so Spunk tries a bionic bite on Silver’s paw. Ref Loki is distracted and misses Spunk’s illegal biting move.


Silver’s broken free with a corkscrew reversal and leg lariat to Spunk’s midsection. Ref Loki is missing in action, missing the action.


Silver goes for a spinning nose hold tilt-a-whirl crossbody facewash with a claw laced eye-rake. Ref Loki is looking at everything but the action.


Silver drops the hammer executing a prefect cartwheel splash somersault senton and rolls Spunk onto his back. Silver has Spunk pinned, but Ref Loki is in LaLa Land.


Spunk does a reverse shining wizard to break free of Silver’s hold that had him pinned. Ref Loki ignores the action.


Silver is fed up with the match, and walks off. Ref Loki tries to act clueless while Spunk thanks him for throwing the match.


WKWE fan Lola reacts to the match.

Snowy Egret


Under dark, cloudy skies threatening a storm, a snowy egret was foraging in the clearwater ditch. It didn’t pay attention to me until I got close enough to get a clearer shot, then it flew. Even in the murky light from from the dark cloud cover, the egret is so white, that the camera could not get detail in the whiteness of the egret from above. After the egret flew, we walked back to the house. No sooner than we walked in the house the storm commenced with a downpour. There was a pinkish/orange glow from the sun trying to peek through the clouds on the horizon. I walked out onto the deck and could see a rainbow through the rain, but it was raining too hard to walk out and see the full extent of the rainbow.