10 thoughts on “Game Of…

  1. Hi Tim! You’ve got the greatest parking structure around. You can find just about everything you might need there. Love the super sized coffee cup! Fun photo!

    • Hi Mia. The chair just appeared there. Not surprising for that garage. I got an alert on Apple News last night about a controversy with the Game of Thrones. I’m like what are they bothering about? I don’t care one bit about the GoT. I heard something on the radio about a Starbucks cup on the set that made it into the final production or something like that. The chair in the garage was inspiring after all the bother about a show I’ve never seen — I haven’t even seen clips on YouTube.

      • I like the chair, super odd to see it in a parking garage. Okay, the Starbucks cup makes sense now. I think I watched the first two seasons and then got bored. I read an article the other day that published what the actors of GoT earn per episode, wow. 😮

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