Common Black Hawk


I was walking out to the bosque when I saw a large bird in the distance. I could not tell what it was backlit against the sky, but the white band on the tail was easy to see, which made me think it might be a Bald Eagle. However, when I enlarged to photos on the computer, I could see it was not a Bald Eagle. By the size, dark color and the two white bands on the tail, I thought it was a Harris’ Hawk with a snake. However, Susan Hunter pointed out it’s a Common Black Hawk.







16 thoughts on “Common Black Hawk

  1. Such an incredible series! The snake made me wonder if the snake couple from last year have survived numerous predators. Your archive grows…

    • Thanks, Susan. I don’t think Harris’ Hawks are very common this far north. I’m afraid a lot of the snakes I’ve photographed over the past couple of years might have become bird food.

  2. Hi Tim,
    It’s a Common Black Hawk. There has been one hanging out up and down the river this spring. There is a nest near Valle de Oro. I saw it last week. Great photos.

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