WKWE Presents


World Kitty Wrestling Entertainment is back with Spunk the Spartan versus Silver the Slammer. Spunk has Silver in a full body press seated senton. Referee Loki looks on.


Silver is holding tight as Spunk tries a skin the cat under forearm stink face to roll Sliver over. Ref Loki is getting distracted.


Oh no, the skin the cat under forearm stink face fails, so Spunk tries a bionic bite on Silver’s paw. Ref Loki is distracted and misses Spunk’s illegal biting move.


Silver’s broken free with a corkscrew reversal and leg lariat to Spunk’s midsection. Ref Loki is missing in action, missing the action.


Silver goes for a spinning nose hold tilt-a-whirl crossbody facewash with a claw laced eye-rake. Ref Loki is looking at everything but the action.


Silver drops the hammer executing a prefect cartwheel splash somersault senton and rolls Spunk onto his back. Silver has Spunk pinned, but Ref Loki is in LaLa Land.


Spunk does a reverse shining wizard to break free of Silver’s hold that had him pinned. Ref Loki ignores the action.


Silver is fed up with the match, and walks off. Ref Loki tries to act clueless while Spunk thanks him for throwing the match.


WKWE fan Lola reacts to the match.

38 thoughts on “WKWE Presents

  1. Your cats are cute. The fighting reminds me of my two late cats Buddy and OJ. Buddy would get OJ into a head lock or give him noogies with his back paws. This was a form of discipline because OJ would make a mess, or pee on the floor. Buddy and OJ would get in trouble and Buddy didn’t like that. ah I miss having a cat!

    • Hi Becky. Spunk, Silver and Loki have a “boy’s club” and they wrestle, spar and play all the time. They get too rough with the girl kitties, and it turns into fighting. Cats are so much fun.

      • Cats are so much fun, My cat was spoiled too much and was surprisingly nice to the neighbourhood cats.
        You have girl cats too

      • We have seven cats. Three males and four females. I get cat scans every night.

      • Lol cat scans!
        7 cats wow that is a lot of cat hair! Lot of cats to snuggle with!
        Can’t go wrong with the snuggles 😁

      • In the winter I always have five cats on me in bed, often six, and on really cold nights, all seven cats will make peace and sleep on me. That that’s it’s warming up I usually only have two or three cats on me by morning.

      • Awe. My cat would let me snuggle for about 10 minutes then moved to sleep somewhere else on the bed.

  2. Hi Tim! Super WKWE photos! Love the following, “Silver goes for a spinning nose hold tilt-a-whirl crossbody facewash with a claw laced eye-rake.” Ref Loki is not committed to the sport, and I adore Lola’s reaction. A new cat-condo arrived today, I thought it would be a hit, of course it’s a flop, they’re not interested in made-for-cats furniture! I should have known!

    • Thanks, Mia. Give them time to get used to the new kitty-condo. When I put up the catmas tree, they were so so at first, but then they started getting really into it. I took down before it had to become a permanent fixture. They took awhile to warm up to the hammocks, as well. I started to take the ragged, worn out hammock down to replace it the other day, but Loki kept attacking me, and wouldn’t let me take it down. I’m going to have to sneak or lock up the kitties to replace the hammock.

      • You’re welcome, Tim. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed. None of them have gone near it since the initial ‘what’s this?’ It’s not going anywhere, the box has been thrown out, intentionally, it got more action than the condo. Hopefully I’ll find someone sleeping in it soon. Do you need to wear potholders to replace the hammock? Good luck with that!

      • You could try putting a box or two in the kitty-condo. Maybe I’ll get out the welding gloves.

      • My guys are too funny, they have been watching and sleeping on top of boxes stair stepped in front of the big window. Just cardboard that eventually falls apart. The condo is not huge, two apartments/compartments and a roof top. The box it came it was huge, I couldn’t move around it. As you mentioned, they will eventually move into it. Yes, welding gloves! I know when I go to the vets they have a pair of ‘cat gloves’ and they look very much like welding gloves. Love makes people go the distance. >^.^<

      • I finally took out the Fender box the kitties have been playing on and tearing up for the past three or four months. Laurie got some clothes that she didn’t open the box right away, and the cats took turns guarding it for several days. Now the empty box is on the table and the kitties still take turns lying on it and guarding it while the box slowly collapses. If your cats like catnip, you could try putting catnip in the kitty-condo.

      • The Fender box is no more, wow, it made it 3+ months, that’s great, ah but they have a new favorite. My gang like the low flat boxes from the cases of bottled water. They all love catnip and I thought about that, then I had a second thought. The one with ears on top of his head gets very aggressive when he’s high, not a pretty sight and I would need those welding gloves!

  3. Haha… another great post! Thank goodness “No animals were harmed in the making of this post”…

  4. Very entertaining. I’m glad you pointed out that Loki was the referee or I’d have thought he was the loser from the previous match.

  5. My favorite part of the experience: β€œRef Loki is looking at everything but the action.”

    There is so much wonderfulness going on in this match. The fighters, the ref, us the crowd. Good stuff.

    • That Loki is one sorry ref. Silver had Spunk in a perfect and Loki was in Loki La La land. Thanks, Jordan.

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