Snowy Egret


Under dark, cloudy skies threatening a storm, a snowy egret was foraging in the clearwater ditch. It didn’t pay attention to me until I got close enough to get a clearer shot, then it flew. Even in the murky light from from the dark cloud cover, the egret is so white, that the camera could not get detail in the whiteness of the egret from above. After the egret flew, we walked back to the house. No sooner than we walked in the house the storm commenced with a downpour. There was a pinkish/orange glow from the sun trying to peek through the clouds on the horizon. I walked out onto the deck and could see a rainbow through the rain, but it was raining too hard to walk out and see the full extent of the rainbow.














29 thoughts on “Snowy Egret

  1. Hi Tim, the stormy skies are terrific, beautiful rainbow, it looks enormous. The series of the snowy egret is lovely. I especially like the photos that capture the egret’s reflection in the water.

      • Hi Mia. There were a pair of snowy egrets feeding in the ditch tonight. They let me film them wading around, striking at things, and catching fish for a long time.

      • I’ll put something together to post. I’m trying to decide if I want to write some music for the video. The problem with video is it always has to be produced, which takes a lot more time and effort than processing photos for a post.

      • I’m looking forward to however you use the footage you’ve captured. Some music would be delightful. Thank you for explaining it’s not a speedy turnaround. Enjoy the process, Tim!

  2. Our weather has been somewhat unusual, but I am enjoying it. Thank you especially for the photos of the egret in flight – it’s the first time I’ve been made aware of the color of the legs and feet. Beautiful and educational…

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